KDI Global Ambassador Scholarship in Korea 2024

The Korean Development Institute of Public Policy and Management (KDI) offers a fully-funded scholarship program for international students to pursue higher education in South Korea.


This program is an excellent opportunity for students who want to study in a top-ranked academic institution in South Korea.

KDI Global Ambassador Scholarship in Korea 2024
KDI Global Ambassador Scholarship in Korea 2024

One of the best aspects of this program is that it does not require international students to take IELTS/TOEFL exams, making it easier for them to apply.

The scholarship program is open for students from the DAC List of ODA recipient nations. This means that students from countries that receive official development assistance (ODA) from the international community are eligible to apply.


The scholarship program will be offered in 2023, and it includes both Masters and Doctoral programs. This means that international students can choose to pursue either a Master’s or a Doctoral degree in their preferred field of study. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and airfare.

South Korea is a popular destination for international students who want to study abroad.

The country offers a unique cultural experience and an excellent academic environment.

Through this scholarship program, international students can gain access to some of the best academic institutions in South Korea and receive world-class education without worrying about financial constraints.

The scholarship benefits are designed to support students from countries that are named on the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), List of ODA recipient nations, which is published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The DAC List is a comprehensive list of countries that are eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA) from OECD member countries and several other international organizations.

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The scholarship program aims to provide financial support to students from these countries who wish to pursue higher education in accredited universities or colleges, both in their home country and abroad.

However, if a country is not included in the DAC List, applicants from these countries may still be eligible for a partial scholarship, which will cover a portion of the tuition fees and other expenses associated with their studies.

List Of KDI Scholarships

Global Ambassador Scholarship:

All scholarship benefits are intended for countries on the DAC ODA Recipient Country List published by the OECD.

Seoul G20 Global Leaders Scholarship:

A limited number of students are awarded the Seoul G20 Global Leaders Scholarship.

NIIED Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees (GKS-G):

The scholarship is sponsored by NIIED (National Institute of International Education).

KOICA-KDIS Scholarship:

The KOICA scholarship initiative was initiated to cultivate prominent leaders in developing nations who possess the potential to make remarkable contributions toward the social and economic development of their respective homelands.

Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation Scholarship:

The Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation supports talented individuals in ASEAN and Korea, who will contribute to mutual development.

IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea) IBK sponsors academics

Individuals from developing countries employed by national banks or working in bank-related roles in public or government organizations..

POSCO Asia Scholarship:

This scholarship supports the establishment of a talent network in Asia through exchange and cooperation, contributing to joint prosperity.


This scholarship is sponsored by the Korea Financial Supervision Service (FSS), the Korean Federation of Banks (KFB), and the KDI School.

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Colombo Plan Scholarship:

This scholarship will contribute to the development of the Asia-Pacific region.

MIPD Scholarship:

The MIPD Scholarship provides students with a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property (IP) law principles and sources.

Financial Benefits
Full Tuition Fee Waiver
Free Accommodation
Monthly Stipend to selected students
Round-trip airfare
Settlement support
Departure support
How To Apply

The KDI Global Ambassador Scholarship application process is online. To apply, upload copies of the necessary documents to the appropriate registration form and for more information.

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