Why You Have To Visit Siberia Before You Die 

Siberia is a vast Russian province that has most of Northern Asia. The area is quite a magnificent one and there are several factors that really make it magnificent. 

We have put together some significant reasons why you should break away from the ‘norm’ and make a trip to this wonderful region where you’lll be greatly fulfilled- that’s absolutely guaranteed.

1. The largest freshwater lake on Earth can be found in Siberia. The lake is called Lake Baikal or the “Pearl of Siberia”. 

2. The area also has the longest railroad in the whole world. This railroad is called the Trans-Siberian Express and a complete excursion is likely to take you at least seven days to finish. 

3. You will have the chance to ride the ice on a kart. Remember how the famous game, Mario Kart is played? Yeah, you would have the chance to experience that in real life. 

4. An ice golf course could also be found here.  

5. There are only a few people here. This is a perfect spot for people who want to have a quiet vacation experience. 

6. It’s a cold area and has quite an amazing nature. Everything here has been preserved and this can be attributed to the fact that the population is not that much.

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