What To Know About Disney Star Wars Hotel

What To Know About Disney Star Wars Hotel

For Star War fans, Disney is planning on something huge. That is a star Wars experience in a hotel. If you are searching on knowing more about Disney Star Wars Hotel, then read on.

When Does The Disney Star Wars Hotel Open?

If everything goes according to plans, the Disney Star Wars Hotel should start on 1st March 2022. It is supposed to be more than a hotel which will give visitors the maximum experience. The hotel will be set up just behind the Hollywood Studios. Though the hotel is not yet opened, bookings are already running for customers who wish to be the first to visit.

How To Book For The Disney Star Wars Hotel?

The Disney Star Wars Hotel just as we already discussed will be opened to the general public in March 2022. However, circulating information also indicated that, bookings were opened around October 28, 2021, and has all been sold out. There is also an update that bookings will be reopened from March 2022 till the end of September 2022.

There is also an available option to book for Disney Star Wars Hotel by calling (407) 939-1800.

How Much Will It Cost To Spend At Disney Star Wars Hotel?

According to Disney, the price for spending a night in their hotel is in different categories. This is represented in the graphic above. Prices for spending a night for 2 guests in a cabin will cost $1,209, 3 guests in a cabin will cost $889 and 4 guests in a cabin will cost $749. However, those who wish to take their experience to another level by adding the voyage will need to pay thousands of dollars.

How Disney Stars Hotel Will Look Like

Disney’s aim is for guests to look like how we see in Star Wars movies. Their dressings with those robots and the environment. This means the hotel will take a similar look and guests will be dressed to look the same. This experience will last for just 48 hours (2 days).

What To Know About Disney Star Wars Hotel

The cabins will look like something like this in the graphic above. There are special amenities to enjoy while at the Disney Stars Wars Hotel. They include

  • Fridge
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe (to keep valuable information safe from the Republic)
  • Phone with voicemail messaging (for keeping up with anyone left behind on Earth)
  • Interactive TV
  • H20 Plus spa, bath and shower products
  • Internet Access.
  • Suits (Visitors can dress like a star wars soldier or any other character).

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