Top Japan Tourist Attractions

Japan Tourist attractions
Japan tourist attractions

Japan, with its unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, with many temples and buildings from the past co-existing with modern achievements in architecture and technology, is one good destination for people; what are the best Japan tourist attractions that everyone talks about?

Japan is a very beautiful country with most historic buildings still being used for their purposes with little upgrades to meet modern standards in some of them.

There are so many beautiful Japan tourist attractions for people to explore, and one thing that particularly makes these things more appealing to tourists is that japan has one of the world’s lowest crime rates which makes it ideal for travelers.

In this article, we chronicle the best Japan tourist attractions that you should try to visit one day.

Japan Tourist Attractions

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park : Japan tourist attractions
Image | The World Travel Guy

Located in Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, is the Jigokudai Monkey Park, one of the most visited Japan tourist attractions.

Jigokudani Monkey Park is famous for its large population of wild Snow Monkeys that go to the valley during the winter when snow covers the park.

They then descend from the steep cliffs and forest to sit in the warm hot springs and return to the security of the forests in the evenings.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Image | HiSoUR



Hiroshima Peace Memorial is the place that honors the people that lost their precious lives when the bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

In the memorial stands the Genbaku Dome, the only building left standing in the vicinity after the bomb dropped. This is one of the Japan tourist attractions that often reminds visitors of the importance of human life.


 Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Image | Inside Kyoto

The Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple is located in Eastern Kyoto.

The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage site and can be traced as far back as 778 AD. It is one of the main Japan tourist attractions.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle, Himeji
Image | RIBA pix

Himeji Castle is a hilltop Japanese castle complex situated in the city of Himeji which is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan.

Himeji Castle is believed to be the largest castle in Japan.

The castle was fortified to defend against enemies during the feudal period, but it has been rebuilt many times throughout the centuries and reflects the different design periods.

Great Buddha of Kamakura

 Great Buddha of Kamakura
Image | Viator

The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a colossal outdoor representation of Amida Buddha, one of Japan’s most celebrated Buddhist figures.

is a large bronze statue of Amitabha, located on the temple grounds.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura or Kamakura Daibutsu dates back to the 13th century and is the second tallest bronze Buddha in Japan. Also the country’s largest outdoor Buddha, this statue is an iconic sight and one of the most visited Japan tourist attractions in the Kanto area.

Japan tourist attractions: Todaiji Temple

Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple
Image | Go Travel Magazine

Japan is a country of many temples, with the temples of Buddha particularly so many there, but the Todaiji Temple is just one of the things that show the architectural prowess of the Japanese people.

The Todaiji Temple, made wholly of wood, the biggest of any such in the world, is sheer architectural genius.

The surroundings of the temple are beautiful gardens and wildlife, with the Kegon school of Buddhism centered there. The grounds also hold many artifacts of Japanese and Buddhist history.

Deers are allowed to freely roam around the facility; these animals are believed to be messengers of the Shinto gods.

Japan tourist attractions: Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower
Image | GetYourGuide

The capital city of Japan, is in itself, one of the best Japan tourist attractions; such is the beauty of the place!

Inspired by the Eiffel tower design in France, the Tokyo Tower is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan and functions as a communications and observation tower in the country.

The Tokyo Tower was built in 1958.

On top of the tower, one could see Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, in its splendor.

This has been a place that attracts several visitors and is, thus, one of the most important Japan tourist attractions.

Tokyo Imperial Palace (Japan tourist attractions)

Imperial Palace
Image | tsunagu Japan

In addition to functioning as an administration center and museum to showcase Japanese art and history, this is the home of the Emperor of Japan, set on the ruins of older castles that were destroyed by fire or war.

Japanese architects have honored the past by incorporating design elements of the different eras into the modern palace.

The inner grounds of the palace are generally not open to the public, but just adjacent to the inner grounds of the palace, are the beautiful Imperial Palace East Gardens which are open to the public throughout the year.

Mount Fuji

 Mt. Fuji
Image | tsunagu Japan

Standing at a height of 3,776 meters (12,388 ft), Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan considered one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains.

An estimated 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, a significant number of them, foreigners.

Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku-ji Golden Temple
Image – International Traveller

Yet another of the many temples of Buddha in Japan, the Golden Pavilion, officially named Rokuon-Ji, is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

It is one of the most popular buildings in Kyoto, attracting many visitors annually.

The Golden Pavilion is one of the most popular Japan tourist attractions, originally built as a retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in the late 14th century.

The original structure got razed down by fire in 1950, but by 1955, the building was raised as the exact copy of the one razed down by the fire.

The gardens surrounding the Golden Pavilion are a thing of beauty, and particularly striking is the pond around the building that reflects it.

This has been, bringing to some of the best Japan tourist attractions.

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