Top Five Scary Places You Should Not Go Alone

Top Five Scary Places You Cannot Go Alone

There are places in our communities we cannot go alone. Sometimes it might be a dark road, a cemetery or an area known to harbour criminals. However, there are other real places scattered across the world you don’t have to try visiting. In this post, we will look at some of the scary places you should not go alone. Read on.

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Island of the Dolls – Mexico City, Mexico

In most homes, dolls are usually used by kids and some teenagers to beautify their rooms. Some also play with it and seems to have a childhood companion with it. However, in Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimilco is an island where dolls are strapped to trees.

For newcomers, the place may look very scary however there are reasons this is done. According to stories, a girl was found drowned in the canal and a doll which was also nearby. So, from time, dolls were hanged on trees to either ward of any bad spirit or honour the girl as people thought.

Aokigahara – Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Aokigahara (also known as Suicide Forest) is located near Mount Fuji in Japan. It is a well-known location for the suicide of at least 50 to 100 people a year. In 2003 only, 105 bodies were found in the forest. Most of the common death method is either through handing or drug overdose.

Capuchin Catacombs – Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The Capuchin Catacombs is the home of about 8000 mummies. It is located in Palermo, southern Italy. Most of the human remains here are skeletal. This place draws visitors who come to learn about the spiritual meaning of death.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada – Sagada, Philippines

This is a major practice in countries like China, Indonesia and the Philippines. In the Philippines for example, coffins of the dead are hanged on cliffs. The simple reason for this cultural practice is to give peace to the dead. Most of the coffins according to research are almost a century old.

Sedlec Ossuary – Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary is a Roman Catholic chapel that contains the skeletons of about 40,000 people. Their bones have been artistically arranged in ornate decorations and furnishings within the chapel. It is a popular tourist attraction in the Czech Republic.

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