Top 5 Best Peru Beaches For Holidaymakers

Peru beaches
Peru beaches

Peru is a country that is big on ancient cultures, age-old cities, and wealth of history, is that all there is to Peru? What about the beautiful Peru beaches for holidaymakers in that country?

There is quite a lot to be talked about as far as Peru is concerned but the guide for you here in this article is to guide you through Peru beaches that appeal to tourists who visit the country.

What beaches are there in Peru that get people excited to always want to visit the place?

What at all is a beach for the layman that doesn’t know a thing or two about beaches.

A beach is an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves. the area adjacent to a seashore.

Th shores of larger waterbodies are often occupied by huge numbers of people having fun during holidays.

When in Peru for a holiday, which Peru beaches would you be visiting to enjoy your holiday?

This article makes that simple for you by sample the top five Peru beaches you should be visiting.

Peru Beaches

Cabo Blanco (one of the top Peru beaches)

Cabo Blanco
Image | Tripadvisor

Peru beaches are very beautiful and tine and this one is among the very best.

Cabo Blanco is a fishing village in northwestern Peru, 3 km northwest from El Alto, Talara, Piura.

It was famous in the past among big-game fishermen and today is a noted surf break.

The village takes its name from the light coloured nearby mountains.

This tiny fishing village and its wonderful beach are famous as it is the spot where Ernest Hemingway was inspired to create his seminal novel The Old Man and the Sea.


 Huanchaco, Peru
Image – Tripadvisor

Huanchaco is a popular vacation beach city in province of Trujillo, Peru.

Huanchaco is known for its surf breaks, its caballitos de totora and its ceviche, and is near the ancient ruins of Chan Chan.

Huanchaco was approved as a World Surfing Reserve by the organization Save The Waves Coalition in 2012.

The beach has built up a reputation for its many watersports, and is well known for an unusual style of fishing practiced by the local fisherman.

Las Pocitas

Image | BOOKED

Las Pocitas is another popular and nice beach in Peru.

The is one of the least known but one of the most attractive Peru beaches.

Las Pocitas is located around Mancora and it’s the only lodging where all the rooms are on first floor and facing the sea, with their own terrace and a breathtaking view.

Surrounded by extensive gardens and numerous palm trees, followed by a unique and personalized service, it creates the perfect setting for the relaxation, pleasure and fun you’re looking for.

Playa Roja (One of the best Peru beaches)

Playa roja
Image – Tripadvisor

covered with unusual deep red sand due to the volcanic activity in the area, Playa Roja is one of the most beautiful and unique Peru beaches.

Playa Roja is located about five hours south of Lima in the Paracas National Reserve.

The red color of the sand is caused by the nearby massif of Punta Santa Maria, formed by a sort of igneous rock known as pink granodiorite, which contains solidified magma inside.

Playa de la Mina

 Playa de la Mina, Paracas
Image – Tripadvisor

For most people that like to play in the sand around beaches Playa de la Mina would be a very good place for them to be.

Here you could find powdery sand that would make it harmless to run around and do anything that you want to do.

This is one of the popular Peru beaches that attract people.

As always, StepCountry got you covered; this time, on the best Peru beaches you should be visiting for some cool time with the family and friends.

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