Top 5 Best Luggage Brands You Can Buy From


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No matter who you are or where you want to go, luggage is an ideal item you cannot take out from our home. We cannot leave our items on the floor hanging in our rooms. We need luggage to get our things in order. If you are looking for the best luggage brands, then read on because I have great news for you.


Tumi is one of the oldest luggage brands founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975. Tumi has a great number of luggage suitcase sizes. There are those with wheels which you can easily drag and some without wheels. When it comes to warranty, Tumi gives its clients a whooping five-year period because of the quality they are made of.

Béis Travel

Launched by actress Shay Mitchell in 2018, Béis Travel is one of the top luggage brands in the world. From traveling and home use, Béis Travel is a preferred choice.

Away Luggage

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Another luggage brand is the “Away Luggage” which started in 2015. Away Luggage has one thing which most people love, a portable charger.

CalPak Travel

The next luggage brand has a great sense of durability and they come in different sizes to fit your desire. Whether you are going on a tour, or just want a suitcase to keep your clothes, CalPak Travel is a great choice.

American Tourister

This is one of the oldest luggage brands founded in 1933. This brand has suitcases in different sizes. From small sizes to larger ones and different colours.

If you are looking for the best luggage brands to buy from, then you can choose from the list above. Thanks for reading.

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