Things You Probably Didn’t Know About  Chile’s Easter Island 

Technically, Easter Island belongs to Chile, however, it is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Initially called Te Pito O Te Henua, or the navel of the world, Easter Island is quite possibly the most remote spot on earth. 

In spite of its area, Easter Island is an entrancing destination that draws a lot of interest and endless guests every year. This is due to its famous sculptures called Moai. These sculptures are what the island is most popular for. 

To its Polynesian occupants, Easter Island is just known as Rapa Nui. It got its English name several years after it was first discovered. The English name was given to the island in 1722 when a Dutch boat found the island on Easter Sunday. 

The historical backdrop of the island extends far further back than the eighteenth century, but proof shows that Easter Island was first settled somewhere in the range of 700 and 1100 AD, and by 1600 AD the number of inhabitants in the island was beyond 15,000. 

By the time the Dutch visited, the civilization of Easter Island was really decreasing, and this is because of overpopulation, deforestation and the misuse of a very separated island with restricted characteristic assets. The sculptures were all the while standing when Roggeveen visited the island, however, by James Cook’s visit in 1774 many were demolished with around 50 Moai re-made as of late. 

Today, Easter Island is a dynamic, beautiful and socially significant location with a flourishing the travel industry. Simply over a portion of its occupants are local to the island, and the nearby culture is as yet present. Past the Moai, there are still legends spinning around the family buckles protected by divine beings called aku-aku, neighborhood stone handiworks, in excess of 4,00 petroglyphs and point by point wooden carvings. 

In spite of its remote location, getting to Easter Island is simpler than you may anticipate. Customary flights are accessible from Chile and Tahiti. Easter Island flaunts a sticky, subtropical environment, so anticipate moderately warm temperatures consistently. With its area being in the Southern Hemisphere, the coldest season in Easter Island is among June and August, or winter. 

No excursion to Easter Island would be finished without recognizing the Moai, or notorious figure sculptures, that are set on bases called Ahu. What comes as a shock to certain guests is that there are numerous spots to see the Moai all through the island. Anakena, for example, is a dazzling white sand beach that is additionally home to seven Moai sculptures. 

A drive along the coastline will offer a lot of perspectives on Moai, and a visitor will see an enormous assortment of the sculptures at Rano Raraku. This was at one time the quarry where stones were gathered to make the Moai, and the slope is as yet covered with sculptures in different phases of culmination. The biggest Ahu, or stage, for the Moai particle Easter Island is Ahu Tongariki. Here, 15 sculptures overlook a demolished town, and two of the sculptures actually have their topknots. 

It is significant to note that spots like Orongo, Rano Raraku and more are all essential for the Rapa Nui National Park, and guests would have to pay extra charges if they want to visit these destinations. 

Quite possibly the main destinations on Easter Island is Rano Kau and Orongo. This secured volcanic hole was before a sacrosanct ceremonial space, and in its middle is a huge freshwater lake. Move to the edge of the pit, and you’ll have breathtaking perspectives on the sea just as admittance to the town of Orongo. This town was previously the center point for a nearby religion loving a bird god, and there are numerous petroglyphs cut into the scene portraying bird-men mixtures just as bird divine beings. 

The main town on Easter Island is Hanga Roa, which is likewise home to the island’s airport. Hanga Roa is the place where most of the nearby inhabitants reside just as where numerous guests will remain while exploring the island. One of the town’s top attractions is the Museo Antropológico Sebastián Englert, which works really hard of presenting Easter Island’s set of experiences.

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