Things To Do In Palm Springs


Palm Springs is a lively city in California with beautiful attractions and exciting activities. A visit to Downtown Palm Spring could be your exposure to some of the best vacation experiences.

These are 5 things to do in Downtown Palm Springs

Walk of Stars

Walk of Stars

Just like Hollywood, Palm Springs has a walk of stars that acknowledges celebrities from the city. Some of the influential figures that made it on the Palm Spring Walk of Stars are Adam West, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, and many others.

A visit to Palm Spring Walk of Stars gives you more insight into your favorite celebrities that were awarded and introduce you to other important personalities you may not know about.

It is an ideal place for beautiful photographs.

2. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive is a place of endless exciting attractions and fun activities. A drive or walk through the museum gives you just the exposure you want.

The Palm Canyon Theatre is there to serve all your interest in art.

For items to remind you of the vacation experience, There are lots of shops to get all kinds of unique souvenirs to remind you of your stay.

3. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


What is a vacation without the element of thrill and adventure? Palm Spring promises the best excitement and hence offers it.

Palm Spring Aerial Tramway was constructed in 1963 as a means of moving from Coachella Valley to the peak of Mount San Jacinto. This 10 minutes ride is all you need for some adrenaline.

The Palm Spring Aerial Tramway has the largest rotating tram car in the entire world. You do not want to miss the experience it has to offer.

 4. Moorten Botanical Garden


This one-acre garden is a place for plant and nature lovers to explore. The garden’s beauty and extraordinary varieties of desert plants offer an exciting atmosphere to its visitors.

Moorten Botanical Garden is ideal for weddings and other fun activities due to its lively atmosphere and serenity.

5. Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Art Museum

Established in 1938 the Palm Springs Art Museum offers compelling artworks from modern and contemporary artists. The museum houses over 220,000 pieces of artwork. So there is something for all art lovers.

It’s Natural Science attraction also seeks to explore nature hence providing meaning to lots of happening in the world. If art and nature are your things, visit Palm Spring California, and make sure to visit Palm Spring Art Museum.






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