Things To Do In Denver Colorado


Denver is a home of beautiful tourist attractions and fun activities that gives the satisfaction you desire.

Ideal for a variety of beautiful places to visit and fun activities to undertake for a wonderful stay.

Here are the 5 most exciting things to do for an ideal vacation in Denver.

1. Denver Botanical Garden


Exploring and appreciating nature are the most rewarding vacation experiences. Denver Botanical Garden gives you just that, A site of its beautiful oasis, the 24 acres stretch garden also has beautiful sculptures, pools, and amazing gardens.

The serenity of the garden makes just waking and taking a glimpse of nature rewarding.

However, due to its wonderful atmosphere, it is the perfect choice for weddings.

2. Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Mount Evans Scenic Byway
Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Scary but fulfilling. A drive to the apex of Mount Evans is a thrilling experience you will need for your holiday adventure.

A drive or a simple walk brings you close to the alpine lakes, arctic tundra, wildflowers, snow-capped mountain view, nature trails, and, pine trees.

In addition, one can also, site wildlife like bighorn, sheep, mountain goats, bison herd, and marmots.

4. Empower Field At Mile High

Empower Field At Mile High
Empower Field At Mile High

Empower Field at Mile High is the unique stadium located inside the original Mile High Stadium. This 76, 000 seater stadium is a must-be place for sports lovers.

You can not be in Denver and miss the opportunity to watch its local games.

It is interesting to note that there are art exhibitions done all over the stadium so even if you are not a sports fan, there is something for you.

5. Larimer Square

Larimer Square
theĀ  Larimer Square

Larimar Square is an iconic, lively, and the most beautiful sight to behold in the United States. Larimar Square is made up of old historic buildings of stores and restaurants.

The street of the museum is activity-packed with visitors always busy with music, food, or shopping.

If you find yourself in Denver, The most visited tourist attraction is Larimar Square. So, make sure you experience it too!








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