Take A Gander At 5 Oldest Temples in the World 

There have been several temples around the world that have really endured the test of test time – both favourable and unfavourable conditions. 

These temples were actually built centuries ago and they are generally characterized as a design saved for strict or otherworldly exercises. The antiquated temples on this list are among the most established man-made designs on earth. 

See what we are talking about below;

1. Stonehenge 

This one of the most acclaimed places on the planet. The Stonehenge is made out of earthworks encompassing a roundabout setting of enormous standing stones in the south-west of England. Up-to-date, how Stonehenge came about is still a subject under discussion. Per proof gotten, the famous stone landmark was built around 2500 BC. It is now a famous tourist destination in England and Stonehenge visits are accessible from a few English urban communities. 

2. Luxor Temple 

The Luxor Temple is situated on the east bank of the River Nile in the antiquated city of Thebes and was established in 1400 BC during the New Kingdom. The temple was committed to the three Egyptian divine beings Amun, Mut, and Chons. This old temple was the centre of the celebration of Opet, Thebes’ most significant celebration. During the yearly celebration, the sculptures of the three Gods were accompanied from Karnak to the Temple of Luxor along the road of sphinxes that connects the 2 temples. The celebration lasted for 11 days during the eighteenth Dynasty, however, the number of days increased to 27 days by the reign of Ramesses III in the twentieth Dynasty. 

3. Temple of Hatshepsut 

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is found in Egypt. It is found underneath the precipices at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the River Nile. It is a colonnaded construction, which was planned and executed by Senemut, the regal modeler of Hatshepsut, to serve for her after-death love and to respect the magnificence of Amun. The temple is incorporated into a cliff that transcends it and comprises three-layered terraces arriving at 30 meters in stature. These terraces are associated with long slopes which were once encircled by gardens. 

4. Hypogeum 

The Hypogeum is found in Malta and it is the solitary ancient underground temple on the planet. The temple comprises lobbies, chambers, and entries cut out of rock. It was initially thought to be a safe-haven, but it turned into a necropolis on ancient occasions. The structure is in three levels – the upper level, the center level, and the lower level. The inner room on the lower level is 10.6 meters underground. 

5. Temple of Seti I 

The Temple of Seti I is the mortuary temple of Pharaoh Seti I and it is located on the west bank of the Nile in Abydos. The old temple was developed towards the end of the reign of Seti and may have been completed by his child Ramesses the Great after his passing in 1279 BC. The temple was dedicated to Seti I as well as other deities. The temple also contains the Abydos King List. It is an ordered list of the numerous dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from Menes, the Egyptian lord credited with establishing the First tradition, until Ramesses I, Seti’s dad.

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