Things To Do In Pismo Beach (Carlifornia)


Pismo Beach is a humble city with a population of less than 10.000. Known wildly as the world’s Calm Capital. This settlement due to its coastal nature encompasses beautiful nature, sand, surf, and shell.

For beach lovers, this is the ideal place for relaxation, fun, and recreation.

Below are places and things to do when you are at Pismo Beach.

1 Pismo State Beach and Pier


Pismo Beach, as the name suggests cannot go wrong with beach ideas. The beach has a beautiful view and friendly site and lots of fun-packed activities that give the worth of your time. The beach stretches across 17 miles distance.

The beach gives a beautiful view for relaxing, swimming, space for hiking, camping, birdwatching, jogging, fly kites, and also a boardwalk.

Pismo Beach due to its outstanding view is almost one of the most photographed beaches in California and it’s always activity-packed. It also has a Whale Surfing Playground for kids including, a Clam slide, a Humpback whale, and surfboards. Other beautiful beaches while at Pismo are;

North Beach Campground

2. Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area


Oceano Dunes SVRA is an extension of Pismo State Beach for off-road drivers that enjoy rides on the beach. If you find yourself in Pismo Beach and enjoy beach rides, then don’t let this experience pass you by, as it is one of the satisfying activities to engage in Pismo.

3. Dinosaur Caves Park

Dinosaur Caves Park
Dinosaur Caves Park

Pismo Beach’s one of the most visited tourists site is the Dinosaur Cave in California. That provides an atmosphere for exercising, fishing, and even just beautiful photographs.

The Dinosaur themed area entails three hollow dinosaur eggs and a dinosaur sculpture.

4. Pismo Beach Premium Outlet

Pismo beach premium outlet
 Premium outlet

Vacations are not over until you’ve done yourself shopping to help build a better memory of clothes to help remember your destinations. Pismo Beach provides an amazing shopping experience from a range of over 40 shops all located at the same place with large parking spaces and a spot to keep your pets in other to have an awesome shopping experience.

Other places to shop while in Pismo Beach are

Pismo Beach Surf Shop and many other beautiful.

5. Pismo Beach Spyglass Park


Spyglass Park is one of the beautiful view parks in Pismo. the park provides an awesome atmosphere safe for hiking. Other activities to engage in aside from enjoying the beautiful sites the park provides are barbecue, picnic, and family fun times. Spyglass Park also has a beach stretch to swim, surf, or sunbathe definitely.

In addition to the Spyglass Park are other beautiful parks you should visit when at Pismo Beach

Margo Dodd Park

Pismo Preserve

Prince Historic Park

6. Pismo Beach Centrals Coast Kayaks


Irrespective of your tour idea, be it relaxation or thrill, you can not do it in Pismo Beach without visiting Central Coast Kayaks. The coast offers a range of activities along its waters.

The Central Park Kayaks offers fishing trips and kayak rentals. paddled board rentals camps and classes.

If you are a lover 0f the coasts, oceans, and beautiful beach beaches and parks, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach California should be your ideal vacation home.



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