Oldest Restaurants In The World You Probably Didn’t Know

Oldest Restaurant In The World You Probably Didn't Know

Not every food can be cooked in our homes and sometimes in order to satisfy our desire to taste other foods, we visit other eateries to quench this taste. There are millions of restaurants scattered across the world. There are a lot of modernized restaurants popping up every day. However, we are looking at some of the oldest restaurants in the world you can always visit.

St. Peter Stiftskeller. Salzburg, Austria

St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg is the oldest restaurant in the world and in Europe. It was established somewhere in 803 AD.

Most of the buildings in this restaurant has been renovated however some of the old rooms still stand today. An average meal in St. Peter Stiftskeller will cost at least $70.

Zum Franziskaner, Stockholm, Sweden

The Zum Franziskaner in Stockholm was started by some German monks who were then serving King Erik of Pomerania. It was started somewhere in 1421.

Despite the renovations, the food and drinks served 600 years ago still remain today. Average food in Zum Franziskaner will cost $40.

Honke Owariya. Kyoto, Japan

Honke Owariya is also one of the oldest restaurants in the world. The restaurant started by making soba rice cakes and later started with soba noodles.

This restaurant started around 1465. The average meal cost $30.

La Tour d’Argent. Paris, France

La Tour d’Argent was started somewhere in 1582 and claims to have served King Henry IV. Notable people who have dinned in La Tour d’Argent include famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Marlene Dietrich.

Zur Letzten Instanz. Berlin, Germany

Zur Letzten Instanz is also one of the oldest restaurants started in 1621. The restaurant was reconstructed in 1963 after suffering severe damage after World War II. An average meal cost $35.

White Horse Tavern. Rhode Island, U.S.A

White Horse Tavern is also one of the oldest restaurants in the world which were started in 1673. The building of this restaurant was first built-in 1652 but later sold to William Mayes in 1673. The building has served as a tavern for soldiers, a courthouse, a city hall and an assembly ground for the Rhode Island General Assembly.

White Horse Tavern was neglected however in 1954, a donation by the Van Beuren family had it restored and reopened in 1957. An average meal cost $40.

Sobrino de Botin. Madrid, Spain

Sobrino de Botin holds the record for being the oldest restaurant in the world. The reason it holds that record is because it still exists in that same building from the 18th century.

The restaurant was started by Jean Botin and has since continued till this day. An average meal here cost $50.

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