List Of Best Places To Visit In Croatia

Best places to visit in Croatia
Best places to visit in Croatia

Croatia is quite a very popular destination for many tourists around the world and that is down to the number of natural sceneries available to them including thousands of islands. What, then, are the best places to visit in Croatia?

In this article, we put together the top and best places to visit in Croatia for your holidays.

Bordered by Hungary, and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Croatia’s character is equally influenced by Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

And its culture is an intriguing mix of the ancient and modern.

Come with us as we take you through the top places to visit for a holiday in Croatia.

Best places to visit in Croatia


Best places to visit in Croatia Zagreb
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Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia.

Zagreb has a lively arts scene and plenty of cafes and bars that spice up the atmosphere, making it one of the best places to visit in Croatia.

Zagreb is also famous for its festivals. The largest, INmusic, takes place in the scenic surroundings of Youth Island, in the middle of Lake Jarun.

Zagreb’s Christmas market is also fast becoming one of the most popular in Europe, from late November to early January.


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Šibenik is another interesting place to visit in Croatia. This city is known for its beaches which attract a lot of people to the site.

While small, it’s popular for its crystal clear waters and entertainment facilities.

This is one of the best places to visit in Croatia.

Best places to visit in Croatia: Rijeka

Rijeka Culture
Image | Time Out Croatia

Rijeka is a major seaport, and the city’s skyline is rather more modern than most Croatian cities.

But both the mountains of the Platak ski resort and the beach are within a short drive.

The country’s first rock band, Uragani, formed in the city during the 1960s.

Krk and Cres

Krk and Cres
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This place is an island in Croatia which is situated not too far away from Rijeka. The islands, separated by just some distance, Krk and Cres are of the same size but provide visitors with very different experiences.

Krk, for instance, has plenty of hotels and spa resorts.

The island is home to one of Europe’s deepest freshwater lakes, some beautiful – and relatively peaceful – beaches, and a wide variety of wildlife.

Pula: Best places to visit in Croatia

Pula Day Trip from Rijeka
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Found on the Istrian peninsula, the city of Pula is very much influenced by its nearby Italian neighbors.

Among the city’s must-see sights is an ancient Roman amphitheater – the Pula Arena. Despite being built 2000 years ago, much of the Arena remains intact.

During the summer months, it hosts gladiator fight recreations and authentic Roman food tastings, and concerts by artists like Sting and Tom Jones.

Built in the 19th century, the fort is surrounded by forest and overlooks the sea.


Image – Lonely Planet

When you visit Pula, be sure to get out of town and explore the surrounding areas too. These include Hum, officially the smallest town in the world.

Home to just over 20 people, the town has some truly impressive historic sights, including the frescoes of St Jerolim chapel.

There’s also the traditional Mediterranean fishing town of Rovinj and the Istarske Toplice thermal spa. The historic harbor town of Fazana is a good jumping-off point to explore the nearby Brijuni Islands.

A designated national park, the fourteen islands are home to holiday resorts, archaeological sites, the Croatian President’s summer residence, and a world-class theatre.

Best places to visit in Croatia: Hvar

Best places to visit in Croatia: Hvar
Image – Croatia Travel

Hvar is Croatia’s liveliest island. People have been holidaying in Hvar for a very long time. Hvar Town’s historic harbor is often filled with superyachts.

The town’s most famous nightspot, Carpe Diem, has its own private beach, where you can enjoy open-air parties throughout July and August.

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