Fun Things To Do In Indianapolis

Fun Things To Do In Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a place to think of if you are a lover of nature and beautiful tourist sites, searching for an ideal vacation destination. As it is an activity-packed community full of lots of places to visit and lots to engage you for your time of stay.

Here are some beautiful places to visit and fun things to do in Indianapolis.

These are things to do in Indianapolis

1. Indianapolis Museum

Indianapolis Museum of art
an image of the Indianapolis Museum

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a hub for artworks across the world. As the center houses over 54,000 pieces of the world’s beautiful artworks from America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Several activities are held in the Museum, for tourists to have fun, promote arts and films to engage tourists, and lectures to help visitors understand the history of the people and understand artworks they seek meaning for.

Other places to stop for more on art aside Indianapolis museum


Indianapolis Art Center

Lockerbie Square Historic District

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Museum of Psychophonics

2. Lilly House And Gardens

lilly house and garden

Located inside the Indianapolis Museum is the beautiful Lakeview historic house of J.K. Lilly Jr. Built in the 1930s, well maintained over the years to give you the feel of the past life of the people of Indy when visited.

3. Holliday Park

holliday park
Holliday Park

The 94 acres park is one of the historic places that tell the history of the people of Indianapolis through its nature-themed designs. The park is friendly to all, that is it allows your kids to engage in all kinds of play while parents lay and chill, learn, have a barbecue or a picnic or summer concert if your timing is right.

Another beautiful park to visit while in Indianapolis is the beautiful FORT HARRISON STATE PARK. Named after the 23rd US President  Benjamin Harrison is a wonderful place to have a feel of nature.

4. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum


Well known for racing, One cannot be in Indianapolis without experiencing one of the interests of the people. This museum holds the race history of the people and even a garage of cars used over the years. Tourists are introduced to what race means to the people and even have the chance to experience it.

Regardless of age, race like the go-karts should be experienced by all tourists that happen to be in Indianapolis.

There are numerous places to race in Indianapolis aside from the museum, including, K1 speed, Speedway Indoor Karting, Fastimes, and others.

In addition to racing, you can also engage in other games such as Duckpin  Bowling and Bad Axe Throwing. one of the specialties of the people of Indy.  You can simply relax at one of the numerous beautiful bars and enjoy their cocktails.

5. Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis


Being the biggest park, Eagle Park is known for its beautiful natural water bodies making up to 1,400 acres for nature lovers and a land area of 3,900 acres.

The park allows lots of activities such as golf, shooting race, hiking, fishing, swimming, and skiing.

For more on nature, you can make a stop at the Ornithology Center, the Woodland Wildlife Preserve, or the Bird Sanctuary. It is a site for eye seeing

6. Indianapolis GRT Glass Design


One of the most satisfying art experiences you will come across. GRT Glass Design established in 1987 is an award-winning glass manufacturing and designing center in the world that gives tourists’ live experience and students a chance to make their glasses.

7. Victory Field, Indianapolis


Famous for sport, Indianapolis has one of the iconic parks for sports activities and also tourism. As it has beautiful sites and playgrounds for kids. This in turn allows parents to be free and enjoy games, learn and take part in other fun activities.

Planning your vacation? Don’t hesitate to visit Indianapolis. As it gives no room for regrets but wonderful places to visit and a range of fun activities to keep you busy. And yes, make the most out of the listed sites. Enjoy your stay!

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