Giethoorn: A Fairytale Village In The Netherlands That Has No Roads

This famous village found in the Netherlands is literally your typical fairy tale imageries that transmit pure serenity and undiluted picturesque.

The beautiful village which was founded around 1230 in the province of Overijssel was named Giethoorn ‘Goat horn’ after its medieval founders discovered buried goat horns in the mud there- remains of a 10th-century flood.

While we were prowling on the internet to get more information about this eye-popping place, we gathered few tips about this place on which constitute the texts that follow. It says Giethoorn is home to less than 3000 people, what makes this village truly spectacular is its lack of roads and modern-day transport.

With over 80km of canals intertwining amongst quaint farm-style cottages, cafes, hotels, and museums, this village is a true definition of whimsical beauty. The village is home to some 176 wooden arch bridges that allow pedestrians and cyclists to get around.

However, many residents of Giethoorn live on private canal-side islands, and are only accessible via boat- you’ll notice local resident’s mail being delivered by punt. Visitors are required to leave their vehicles outside the village, exploring the village by foot, bike, or on the water. The most common way of getting around the canals is via canoe, kayak or “whisper boats”, which have silent motors to avoid disrupting the peace and tranquillity.

Take a step back in time when you visit the Olde-Maat-Uus museum, which shows what a typical farmhouse looked like hundreds of years ago. What could possibly be more magical than this you might ask, well, Giethoorn in the winter is inexplicably even more fairytale-like. The canals every now and then turn to ice, the green lawns and thatched roofs are blanketed with white, and the trees dusted with glistening snowflakes.

Many Chinese tourists joined the locals of Giethoorn in a campaign to get the village on the international edition of the well-known board game Monopoly. Of course, it was successful, and Giethoorn now sits alongside properties in London, New York, and Tokyo. For those nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, not far from Giethoorn is the De Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

It is also best to visit during the weekdays when the town is at its quietest- otherwise, finding a boat or bike that is free can be nearly impossible. Nonetheless, whether you visit Giethoorn just for the day, or decide to get away for a few days, prepare to have your heart stolen.

Head to Giethoorn Village’s website to start planning your fairytale visit! Dreaming of more fairytale experiences? Check out Exploring our Globe’s Wanderlust destinations or head to our Instagram and discover a whole world of fairytales.

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