Get Familiar With 6 Richest States in India

India is one of the largest countries in the world, in terms of land area and population. It has a combination of lovely landmasses, each with its own societies and economies.

Furthermore, as the country is developing, so are these individual states. It is made up of several states and their development isn’t generally equivalent.  

Tourists mainly come to India to experience its extraordinary Hindu rituals, to explore its beautiful nature, to visit its rich cultural heritage, and to enjoy the delicious Indian food. A culture shock can be a part of this; proper preparation is therefore of key importance, as India is a country full of surprises.

A trip to India is guaranteed to be an experience for life, which offers a look into the lives of 1.3 billion people who sometimes seem to live in an entirely different world.

In this write-up, we’ll introduce you to only six of the richest states in India based on their economies in order to enhance your perspective before you add it to your itinerary on your next trip. 

1. Maharashtra 

The capital of this state in Mumbai and as we speak, it is known as the financial capital of India. The Maharashtra region is best known for its broad IT ventures. The current GDP of Maharashtra is INR 25.35 lakh crore and the state has been encountering steady monetary advancement. 

2. Uttar Pradesh (UP) 

With a current has a GDP of INR 14.46 lakh crore, UP is definitely one of the richest regions in India. It is the most populated state and per reports, it has the most number of working hands in India. 

3. Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu is described as the star gem of Southern India. Tamil Nadu is known for its memorable sanctuaries and stunning culinary food. It is reported to be the most developed and educated state, with a present GDP record at INR 13.39 lakh crore. 

4. Telangana 

Being one of the late framed states, Telangana is prevailing with regards to accomplishing its own character. It is one of the quickest developing mechanical centres. Telangana has a GDP of INR 7.50 lakh crore. 

5. Kerala 

Sitting on Malabar’s tropical coast, this state is noted for its steadily developing fishing and cultivating economy. The current GDP of Kerala is INR 7.48 lakh crore. 

6. Madhya Pradesh (MP) 

Madhya Pradesh at present holds a GDP of INR 7.35 lakh crore and the state has been accomplishing achievements being developed lately, and this has had a major impact on their GDP.

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