Check Our 5 Reasons Why People Love To Travel

It’s true Covid-19 has grounded everything to a halt worldwide, which includes strict restrictions on movement from one country to the other. 

Optimistically, that will soon be over and the normal flow of life will bounce back with much exuberance more than before and travellers- those who travel for reasons other than seeking greener pastures will have more reasons to embark on another exciting adventure.

And what’s more, the advancement of technology and means of transportation ensure that we get to our destination as fast as possible no matter the distance. So now the inevitable question is, why do people travel?

Let’s narrow these reasons in five demarcations.

1. We travel to learn

People travel to get acquainted with others’ culture embedded in their languages and of course their history. We become educated in diverse cultures and ways of life. We learn about how our lives are intertwined and how we can impact one another.

2. We travel to escape

Just like most of us take alcohol to drown our misery and give us respite from some things that bother us, travelling offer the same recipe and even more. It provides us with adventure and excitement. When we venture to a new space or environment, our imaginations, influenced by the new place, run wild. It also gives the perfect distraction from our regular routines.

3. We travel to discover


Discovery is one of the main reasons why a lot of people move around to explore other places the same way Africa and other continents were discovered by great explorers in the past. We travel to not only see more of the world and the people in it but to also discover more about ourselves in the process.

4. We travel to experience

Just like the ‘discover’ point above, travelling makes one get a first-hand experience on other people’s culture, language and other aspects that is totally from their own domain. We can experience what it’s like to communicate solely through gestures when we don’t know how to speak a language. We can even realize how living in a foreign country is not that much different from our own lives back home.

5. We travel to Celebrate

People also love travelling to celebrate something. In this contemporary times, people travel to other countries to have their weddings while others do the same during their birthdays.  All this give them incredible memories as souvenirs when they return home the photos they bring home to reinforce these feelings. There’s nothing as beautiful as this but of course, you need to break the bank to be able to this especially your destination is going to be that far.


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