Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With VISA Sponsorship

According to a recent analysis, the Canadian trucking industry would be short 48,000 long-stretch truckers by 2024. This is amazing news for truck drivers because it lays out the ideal freedom for anyone wishing to relocate to Canada in order to pursue this line of work.

Additionally, the Canadian transportation sector continues to deal with demand and job opportunities for long-haul truck drivers.

The Canadian government has also contributed significantly to these numerous advances by providing work visas to competent foreign workers who are looking for employment as truck drivers in Canada.

Truck Driver Job Requirements in Canada (With Visa Sponsorship)

We should look into what it takes to get a job as a truck driver in Canada. This will help you understand what is required of you as an outsider seeking truck driver employment in Canada.

They incorporate the accompanying

  • Truck driver jobs in Canada incorporate extremely durable, full-time, additional time, end-of-the-week, day, night, and night work.
  • An optional school confirmation is favoured yet not fundamental for this position.
  • Uncompromising driving mastery is an or more, however, it isn’t fundamental.
  • The capacity to convey essential or utilitarian English is vital.
  • Authentications, Licenses, participation, courses, and different qualifications will be expected for this work.
  • A substantial driver’s permit (Class 1 or A) is essential, as well as the Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.
  • Trucking and Equipment Types: Tractor-trailer, Flatbed, Refrigerated, Highway, Straight truck (4,600kg+ or 10,000lbs+ with 3+ axles).
  • Wellbeing and Security: Basic trusted status, criminal individual verification, driving record check (unique), clinical assessment, and medication test are completely required.
  • Data about transportation and travel: Willing to travel all through Canada and the United States. Able to travel during the day, night, or night, including for the time being courses, and ready to travel for extensive periods.
  • Other: Candidates should be legitimately allowed to work in Canada and be able to work in a two-man group to drive long stretch trucks.
  • Abilities Required:
  • Capacity to work and drive straight or explained trucks for the transportation of items and supplies.
  • Freight stacking and dumping, tarping, and ensuring freight well-being and security
  • Capacity to design your excursion courses and timetables.
  • You ought to can utilize chart books and other arranging devices to assist you with arranging your excursion.
  • Get data and hand off it to the focal dispatcher.
  • The capacity to drive in a caravan or as a component of a two-man crew.
  • You ought to likewise have the option to analyze the vehicle’s condition and examine the tires, lights, brakes, cold capacity, and other hardware.

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Top Provincial Programs in Canada for Truck Driver Jobs

Here is a list of the top resources for finding a truck driver job in Canada that will sponsor your visa:

British Columbia

A provincial initiative in Canada’s British Columbia is designed for truck drivers. For candidates in British Columbia’s entry-level and semi-skilled category, which includes over 400 vacancies on the job bank, a full-time job offer in long-haul trucking is the ideal scenario.

Long-haul drivers are allowed to settle permanently in the province. Visit their website to learn more about immigration in British Columbia.


Quebec currently has the most provincial chances for truck drivers, with 837 job listings. Truck driver employment chances are ‘great’ with their platform, according to information on the Quebec government’s employment website.


Transport truck drivers’ NOC code (7511) and three other professions were added to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Employer Job Offer In-Demand Skills Stream in July 2019. It implies that seasoned truck drivers who have a job offer in Ontario might take a certain route to obtaining permanent residency in the country.


With almost 500 job opportunities on the employment bank, long-haul truck drivers are another in-demand profession under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Truck drivers are eligible for both the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry.


Employers should use the federal Labour Market Impact Assessment for Temporary Foreign Workers procedure if they want to hire truck drivers in Manitoba. Businesses are only permitted to hire outside of the LMIA system under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program if certain requirements are met, such as recruitment efforts and adherence to provincial labor rules.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador contains this province. Truck driving is included as a profession in the Newfoundland and Labrador Labor Market Outlook 2025 study that will require significant immigration to fill job openings. Trucking companies should seek to be qualified managers for the NLPNP’s Skilled Worker and Express Entry streams.


A separate Long-Haul Truck Drivers Sub-Category is available from Saskatchewan Immigration for people who have previously worked in Canada on a work permit. Additionally, the occupation satisfies all criteria for the region’s Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand classifications, where each drawing is focused on a particular occupation.

Nova Scotia

One of the two goal jobs in the Occupations In-Demand Stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program is Transport Truck Driver (NOC 7511). This provides drivers with a clear street leading to a very lasting residence. Through this method, you should be able to find a job as a truck driver with visa sponsorship in Canada.

Wages for Truck Drivers in Canada

Hourly pay for truck drivers is now comparable to regional and national averages. According to data from Statistics Canada and Job Bank, the median income for truck drivers is slightly below the national average, but under certain circumstances, it can increase by more than $8 to $32 per hour.

It would be expected that truck driver compensation would change as labour demand increases in the coming years.

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How to Find Truck Driver Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Here are several ways to locate jobs in Canada that will sponsor a truck driver’s visa, along with a list of tools that may be used to find such opportunities and instructions on how to apply for them.

Online Job Boards: Searching for truck driver sponsorship jobs online job boards is one of the simplest ways to locate them in Canada. In Canada, popular employment boards include Workopolis, Monster, and Indeed.

Recruitment Agencies: Truck drivers can also locate employment in Canada that offer visa sponsorship by collaborating with staffing firms that are experts at putting people in these positions. Truck drivers can identify relevant employment openings and receive support with the application process from these organizations.

Company Websites: On their own websites, many Canadian trucking companies publish employment openings, including those that require truck driver visa sponsorship. These websites allow truck drivers to look for employment openings and submit their applications online.

Networking: Another efficient method for locating truck driver sponsorship opportunities in Canada is networking. To find out whether there are any employment openings, truck drivers might get in touch with friends, family members, or coworkers who are employed in the sector.

Social Media: Truck driver sponsorship jobs in Canada can also be found using social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn about work prospects, truck drivers can look for job openings or interact with recruiters and hiring managers.

Government Job Banks: On the website of the Canadian government’s employment bank, firms can advertise job openings, including those that require sponsorship of a truck driver’s visa. Truck drivers can browse job postings on the job bank website and apply right away.

Canadian Trucking Associations: A national trade group that speaks for Canadian trucking companies is the Canadian Trucking Associations (CTA). Employers can post job openings, including those for truck driver visa sponsorship jobs, on the CTA’s website’s job board.

Provincial Trucking Associations: Each province in Canada has its own trucking association that represents trucking companies in the province. These associations often have job boards on their websites where employers can post job openings, including those for truck driver visa sponsorship jobs.

Local Newspapers: Some trucking companies in Canada still advertise job openings in local newspapers. Truck drivers can check their local newspapers for job postings and apply directly.

Job Fairs: Truck driver job fairs are events where trucking companies and recruiters come together to meet with potential job candidates. These events can be a great way for truck drivers to meet with recruiters and learn about job openings, including those for truck driver visa sponsorship jobs.


In conclusion, those looking for employment in the trucking industry might choose Truck Driver Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada. Because of the lack of truck drivers in Canada, there is a growing need for qualified drivers, making employment that requires visa sponsorship a lucrative prospect.

These positions provide favourable pay, perks, and chances for professional advancement. People can also benefit from living and working in Canada, including having access to top-notch healthcare and education, a varied range of cultural experiences, and a high level of life, by receiving a visa sponsorship.

Examining Truck Driver Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada could be the next step for you if you’re an experienced truck driver looking for a new adventure and professional chance. Take the plunge, then, and set out on your path to a fruitful and gratifying career in the Canadian trucking sector.

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