Ancient Temples Of Egypt

Temples of Egypt
Temples of Egypt

It is widely known that Egypt is one of the places where civilization began; also true is the fact that Egypt is a place with many temples, most of which are very popular around the world. In this article, we take a look at the famous temples of Egypt that everyone is talking about.

Chances are that you have seen these temples of Egypt as they are the most popular but we at always add a twist to what we give you as we are interested in providing you the best experiences with every tourist site across the world that we let you know about.

We also point out things around these sites that you should look out for when you do make it to visit those areas.

Read on as we give you this list of the very famous temples of Egypt. When in North Africa, these are historic places you can visit to learn a thing or two about Egyptian history.

Famous Temples Of Egypt

Temple of Dendur: Temples of Egypt

The Temple of Dendur : Temples of Egypt
Image | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This famous Temple of Dendur, constructed around 15 BC, is an ancient Egyptian temple that was built by the Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius, as one of many Egyptian temples commissioned by the emperor Augustus.

The temple of Dendur was dedicated to Isis and Osiris, as well as two deified sons of a local Nubian chieftain, Pediese, and Pihor.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple
Image: Unsplash

This famous temple of Egypt was built on the east bank of the Nile by Amenhotep III, “The Magnificent,” with his wife Queen Tiy.

The Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located in the city today known as Luxor and was constructed approximately 1400 BCE.

Temple of Debod

Temple of Debod
Image: Flickr

Believed to be built in the 2nd century BC, the Temple of Debod, a historical Egyptian temple, is one of the famous temples of Egypt.

The famous Temple of Deebod got dismantled and then rebuilt in Madrid, Spain.

The temple was donated to Spain as a sign of gratitude for saving the temples of Abu Simbel, this temple is one of the very famous temples of Egypt where you can learn a lot about the history of the Egyptian people.

The inside of the temple contains a hall, several chapels, a small museum, and more.

Temple of Taffeh

Temple of Taffeh
Image | History Hit

The Temple of Taffeh was built of sandstone between 25 BCE and 14 CE during the rule of the Roman emperor Augustus, making it one of the oldest and famous temples of Egypt.

Just like the Temple of Debod, this famous temple of Taffeh was presented to the Netherlands for its help in contributing to the historical preservation of Egyptian antiquities in the 1960s.

Roman Emperor Augustus in Egypt ordered that The Temple of Taffeh be built after his defeat of Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

Temple of Kom Ombo

 Temple of Kom Ombo
Image: – WorldAtlas

constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty, 180–47 BC, the Temple of Kom Ombo is one of the famous temples of Egypt.

The Temple of Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple in the town of Kom Ombo in Aswan Governorate, Upper Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, this city was important because it controlled the routes of the commercial caravans that went to Nubia through the valley of the Nile.

That’s why all the powers that once controlled the country, kept a military fortification in Ombos (Kom Ombo).

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