Allegiant Air Reviews: What To Know Before You Fly

Allegiant Air Reviews: What To Know Before You Fly

Allegiant Air is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It currently flies within the US, Mexico and Canada. If you are planning on boarding an Allegiant Air, then you are at the right place. Before you fly, take some minutes to read all allegiant air reviews from their services to what customers also say.

Fare Classes

Booking for a seat with Allegiant Air is very simple. You can purchase your ticket without any extras and you will be given any available seat. However, you can also go ahead and specify the kind of seat you wish to be on. There is another option which is referred to as Allegiant Extra. This one comes with an additional 6 inches of legroom.

Allegiant Air also allows clients to purchase other packages in the Allegiant bundles. Let me explain them below.

  • Allegiant Basic: This is the standard package. You don’t have any seats assigned and you have the option of bringing onboard one personal item.
  • Allegiant Bonus: This one comes with the option of selecting a seat, any personal item and the option of joining the flight with a carry on bag.
  • Allegiant Total: This is the last package. With this, the client can choose a personal item, a carry on bag, a checked bag, a priority boarding and the option which allows you to change or cancel your flight (Trip Flex).

Flight Cancellation Policies

Maybe you have changed plans or you think you need to do some changes to the flight packages, Allegiant Air gives you that right to do that before the actual flight. For this, you pay $25 for any changes. The actual cancellation fee is $75 but reduced to $25 as a result of the Covid 19. Travellers who chose the Trip Flex package has the right to change or cancel a flight with no extra cost. However, this should be done an hour before departure.

Baggage Policies and Fees

Allegiant Air allows travellers with the standard package to bring onboard one personal item with no extra cost. The personal item shouldn’t be larger than 7″ x 15″ x 16″. Allegiant Air, therefore, recommends something like a purse, or a briefcase or a small backpack.

Travellers can also pay to bring along one carry on bag that can be placed on the overhead bins. The bag should not weigh more than 40 pounds. However, if your checked bags are more than 40 pounds, you will have to add an additional $50 or $75.

Seats and Legroom

Allegiant Standard seats offer less than 30 inches of the seat with little space for legroom. There is an option for larger seats which also gives travellers an additional 6 inches of legroom and 34 inches between seats. There is also the chance of selecting an Allegiant Extra seat which also gives 17 inches.

Amenities and Entertainment

When it comes to Amenities and Entertainment, Allegiant Air offers the following.

  1. Food: Allegiant Air offers water and soda at $3. Beer is also sold at $8.
  2. Internet: There is no WiFi service on board.
  3. Music and Movies: There is no movies or music on board. It is therefore applicable if travellers bring their own source of entertainment onboard.

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