Alabama Vacation Spots Worth Exploring

Alabama vacation spots

Seeking to enjoy some scenic beauty while away on holiday in Alabama? That really is the place to be as Alabama boasts of the most beautiful parks, lakes, gardens, and several beautiful places. What then are the most beautiful Alabama vacation spots that are worth exploring?

This article has that for you. Here, we are going to sample the most beautiful Alabama vacations spots that are worth exploring and which will make your holiday a worthwhile one after several months of working so hard to feed the family.

Stay on as brings you the best vacation spots in Alabama that you should be visiting for your holidays.

Alabama vacation spots

In the ensuing list are our favorite Alabama vacation spots that we think are a must-see before you get weak and unable to travel to see them. Now is the time to take advantage of your strength and resources to travel around to enjoy these sceneries in no less a place than Alabama that has them in abundance. Read on!

Alabama vacation spots: Noccalula Falls Park

Noccalula Falls Park: Alabama vacation spots
Image – Wikipedia

Located in Gadsden, Noccalula Falls Park is a 250-acre public park in Alabama, United States.

The main feature of the park is a beautiful scenic 90-foot waterfall.

Trails wind through Black Creek Gorge past caves, an aboriginal fort, an abandoned dam, pioneer homestead, and Civil War carvings.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to be at the park. Admission to the park is $6 for adults and $4 for children and adults. Kids 3 and under are free.

When looking for the best Alabama vacation spots to hang out in, do try the Noccalula Falls Park and you won’t regret it.

Dismals Canyon

Dismals Canyon
Image | North Alabama Hiking Trails

As mentioned in the opening remarks, Alabama is really a state of very beautiful parks, lakes, and the likes. One other thing that the state boasts of is the Canyons, and the Dismals Canyons is one of the Alabama vacations spots worth exploring.

Dismals Canyon is a sandstone gorge near Phil Campbell in Franklin County, Alabama.

It was declared a National Natural Landmark in May 1974.

Dismals Cayon is located within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Alabama.

This National Natural Landmark is home to insects that aren’t too common. These insects are known as dismalites, and it’s a must-visit for all nature lovers.

Alabama vacation spots: Orange Beach

 Orange Beach
Image | Southern Living

For a good beach experience, one of the places to visit in Alabama is Orange Beach on Alabama’s Gulf Coast which is known as a water sports hub, located on Wolf Bay, Waterfront Park with fishing pier, and picnic areas.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Alabama if you want to chill out, perhaps staying in beachfront housing and playing a little basketball or tennis at a rec center if you get tired of water activities.

The Orange Beach Marina offers water recreation rentals, fishing excursions, dolphin sightseeing cruises, and parasailing.

Perry Lakes Park

Perry Lakes Park
Image – RuralSWAlabama

Perry Lakes Park is a must-see while in Perry county. Located less than ten minutes from downtown Marion, this is one of the best Alabama vacation spots that will make your holiday enjoyable.

Perry Lakes Park covers 600 acres and features four oxbow lakes, which were formed nearly 150 years ago.

This scenic area also offers great hiking opportunities for lovers of the sport, and if you aren’t a fan of the sport or don’t play the sport, just by watching others do it is part of the unforgettable holiday experience you will have at the Perry Lakes Park in Alabama.

DeSoto Caverns 

DeSoto Caverns
Image — DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Caverns is a beautiful holiday location in Alabama that spots a series of caves which are located right at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.

DeSoto Caverns is truly unique in every sense of the word; the most intriguing thing about this place is that it features one of the world’s largest collections of onyx-marble stalagmites and stalactites.

These are some of the most beautiful and popular Alabama vacation spots worth exploring, and, as always, this is a list that isn’t exclusive as there are several ones out there. When in Alabama, a state of natural beauty, do well to explore these as well as the many that are available there.

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