7 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes You Can Find Around The World 

A crater is a bowl-shaped depression, or hollowed-out area, produced by the impact of a meteorite, volcanic activity, or an explosion.

By extension, a crater Lake is a large, circular blue lake surrounded by a high rim of snow The water of Crater Lake is a deep, gorgeous blue

Crater lakes are quite strange although they are marvelous. This is an area that can be considered as just a pit that has, throughout numerous years, framed into a lake and topped off with water.

In addition to the fact that it is something uncommon, it’s likewise stunning to take a gander at which is why we have assembled some of the beautiful crater lakes you can find around the world in this writeup. 

1. Heaven Lake, North Korea 

This can be found in North Korea and it got its name as many believe it is similar to the description of heaven.

2. Mount Katmai Crater Lake, Alaska 

This astonishing crater lake. It is found on the cold mountain ridges and it resembles a winter wonderland. It was reportedly formed in 1912 during the Novarupta eruption. 

3. Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador

This is found in the Andes and it has water that has become greenish due to the minerals in the water. The pit is 3 km wide and its sights are simply astounding.

4. Lonar Crater Lake, India 

This is the oldest crater lake and it’s formed by an asteroid impact about half a million years ago.

5. Okama Crater Lake, Japan 

This one is otherwise called the Five Color Pond, since it changes colour with the particular depicting a change in the climate. 

6. Kelimutu Crater Lakes, Indonesia 

There are three lakes here, and they each have a particular water colour. It’s strange, however, it is something delightful to see. 

7. Crater Lake in Albertine Rift, Africa 

Quite possibly the most exquisite lakes in Africa, it’s no big surprise these lakes are a mainstream vacation destination. The deepest crater of these lakes is 1470 meters deep which makes it very astounding.

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