6 Things You Need to Know Before Going To Thailand 

Thailand has become one of the world’s most visited countries. This is generally based on the grounds that it’s modest and has extraordinary nature. 

In case you’re anticipating visiting Thailand. here a few things you ought to most likely know about. 

1. Try not to Trust Taxi Drivers 

Some of these Thai taxi drivers get a commission on attractions, so they’ll lie about a tourist destination nearby only to take you to a place where their commission will be high. 

2. Stay At A Five Star Hotel 

In the event that you’ve visited Thailand, try and book a five-star hotel. It is quite cheap with the rate being around $100 per night. 

3. Try not to Touch People On The Head 

In Thailand, it is not a polite act to be touching the heads of people. This is Thai culture explicitly and they consider the head hallowed. 

4. The Worst Time To Visit Thailand Is April 

During this time, Thailand is very humid. This makes it very excruciating for most people including Thais.  

5. Feel Free To Speak English In Bangkok Because Many People Speak English 

Try not to be reluctant to ask somebody if you can’t seem to get your bearings. You might end up meeting your helper. 

6. Never Speak ill Of The King

The monarch is the most revered individual in the country. Even Thais are afraid to speak ill about him so why should you consider doing this?

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