6 Safest Countries In The World To Visit 

We are going to talk about the safest countries on the planet and the list was concluded on factors as crime percentages, political dependability, civil order, and how adorable popular music sounds in their language. 

Let’s take you through the list;

1. Iceland 

Iceland is the safest country in the whole world. The average number of murders per year is only one and what this means is that it takes a murderer close to two entire years to finish a murder job. 

2. New Zealand 

New Zealand is an obvious choice included in our list. For a country with a sheep populace being more than the country’s human population, it is then prudent to consider it a safe place. Crime is very low, and their military rarely engages in clashes. 

3. Austria

Looking for a place of harmony, love, and warbling, then Austria is the best country for you. Individuals have a great deal of trust in their police, and there is no social conflict and they brew Schlossbrauerei Eggenberg Samichlaus Bier, the lager with 14% liquor content. 

4. Switzerland 

Another country that can be considered a safe place is Switzerland. For 500 years, they have never engaged in wars and this really speaks a lot of positive things about the European country. 

5. Denmark 

Denmark is so safe that people decide not to chain their bikes when they park them on the road since they know no one will take them. They even leave their children on carriages on the control close to shops and bistros and this because no one will take them. 

6. Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is another country with the safest environment. Its citizens are cordial and accommodating and this has a resounding effect on travellers.

7. Japan 

There are a few valid justifications why Japan has to be in our list. The urban areas in the country are faultlessly spotless and manslaughter rates have fallen each year since 1955. The citizens are amazingly considerate with legitimate decorum and mutual respect imbued in the Japanese culture. There’s even a tale about how the Japanese will bring blessing wrapped boxes of clothing cleanser to neighbours prior to beginning home development/renovating work.

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