6 Places In The World Where You Can Get The Best Pizza 

Most people love pizza a lot, we just have to come to this consensus owing to how delightful pizzas are to the human eye.

This Italian dish which consists of a flattened disk of bread dough topped with some combination of olive oil, oregano, tomato, olives, mozzarella or other cheese, and many other ingredients, baked quickly—usually, in a commercial setting, using a wood-fired oven heated to a very high temperature is very popular around the world.

We are going to talk about pizzas in this article and show you the best joints to get them. Make sure as a pizza lover, you’ll visit any of these outlets contained in this article if you find yourself in these countries. 

1. Roberta’s (Brooklyn, NY) 

Aside from being one of the pizza joints, it is also the most astounding eateries you’ll at any point experience. Roberta’s was established in 2008, however, it has effectively settled itself as a significant commune of Brooklyn culture. They develop the entirety of their spices and a significant number of their vegetables in their own nursery. Their wood-cooked pizzas are just awesome. 

2. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (San Francisco, CA) 

This was named the best pizza joint in America in 2014 by Forbes. Tony’s offers a few diverse pizza styles including Neapolitan, Sicilian, Californian, Roman and surprisingly New Haven. They even have pizzas that are gluten-free.  

3. Saporè Downtown (Verona, Italy) 

One of the best pizzerias in the world is found in Verona and one thing that makes the pizza at Saporè unique is their extraordinary, test sorts of pizza including Aria di Pane®, Mozzarella di Pane®, Bagel Pizza, Pizza Crunch® and DoppioCrunch®. Indeed, they have enrolled brand names. 

4. Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix, AZ) 

Set up in 1987, numerous pundits respect proprietor/gourmet expert Chris Bianco as the best pizza maker in America. The outside on this wood-heated pizza has a lusciously yeasty profundity and the handcrafted cheddar is smoked each day with walnut wood, which simply sounds so too extravagant. Bianco additionally makes its frankfurter in-house and gets its new fixings from neighbourhood ranchers. 

 4. Paulie Gee’s (Brooklyn, NY) 

Here, you would find people in long queues just to have a taste of the pizza produced. It is known as the New York-style connoisseur pizza and what makes it so special is the selection of toppings. It was established in Brooklyn in the year 2010. Currently, it has shops scattered in other cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, and Columbus, Ohio. 

5. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Naples, Italy) 

This joint is found in the birthplace of pizzas, Naples. The magnificence of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is in its simplicity. It’s carefully for pizza purists. Aside from the pizza being delicious, they are also cheap.

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