6 Abnormal Islands From Around the World  

As there are some stunning and beautiful islands around the world, so are there some islands that appear the opposite or put euphemistically, quirky. 

If you doubt a place can intrigue and strike fear in you at the same time, we have proof here. Let’s take the ride together.

1. Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) – Xochimilco, Mexico 

This island is found in Mexico and it is characterized by frightening dolls. The history surrounding this place has it that, Don Julian Santana Barrera, who claimed the island, came a young lady who had suffocated in a canal. Seeing a doll close by and assumed that it was hers, he hung it from a tree as a tribute to her. He continued to do this each year for over 50 as he was able to hang quite a number of dolls on an overwhelming number of trees to pacify the soul of the young lady, who he claimed he could hear. In spite of the fact that he kicked the bucket in 2001, the dolls are still there and you can arrive at the island by boat. 

 2. Pig Beach – Big Major Cay, the Bahamas 

The Big May Cay is a little uninhabited island in the Bahamas. The island is made up of pigs and per stories surrounding how they got there, it was revealed that they were dropped off by a group of sailors who had planned to make a dining experience out of them, just to adjust their perspective and never to return to the island. Critics claim they were left there as a plan to make the place a tourist destination. However, the most probable clarification is that following a night at the clubs, a group of wicked pigs took a boat on a challenge and went for a drive around, just to crash onto the island and settle there. 

3. Fort Carroll – south of Baltimore, Maryland 

This was made in 1848, and the reason why the fort was made was to guard Baltimore against outside trespassers like the Vikings, Goths, Orcs, and others. The only thing it is able to protect recently is birds. The fort was also utilized during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The firearms that were left there were taken out after World War I broke out to be utilized somewhere else. 

4. Bouvet Island – South Atlantic Ocean 

Bouvet Island the most far off island on the planet. There are no individuals living there, however, it’s a significant favorable place for an assortment of birds. In spite of the fact that it’s situated between South Africa and Antarctica, the UK and Norway had an argument about possession and this is presumably on the grounds that it’s home to the macaroni penguin. Regardless, Norway was in the end permitted to make it their annex in the year 1930. As we speak, Norway currently claims the macaroni penguin as its official national bird. 

5. Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island) – Off the Coast of Brazil 

This island is made up of snakes. The snakes had initially advanced there through a land bridge that joined the island to the mainland. They have flourished from that point forward, devouring an eating routine of idiotic birds that clearly ought to have known not to arrive on a spot called Snake Island. 

6. Poveglia Island – Near Venice, Italy

Back in the Dark Ages, the Black Death moved through Europe and murdered off a ton of individuals. The Romans thought of the best arrangement which is to dump the entirety of the plague-stricken people onto a far-off island and let them bite the dust in confinement. During the 1920s a psychological medical clinic was built there, and the torture started over again. Albeit the medical clinic has been shut for quite a long time, each and every individual who kicked the bucket there is probably still very annoyed due to what happened.

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