5 Worthwhile Things To Do In Tucson

Things to do in Tucson
Things to do in Tucson

So you are in Tucson, one of the many iconic cities in America and you are wondering the things you can possibly do there, right? Worry not; this is the place to get the guide on the worthwhile things to do in Tucson.

Tucson, the city nicknamed the “City of Sunshine,” has a plethora of very interesting places, giving you so many ideas on the things that you can do to make your stay there a worthwhile one.

Tucson is a city with a pleasant mix of cultural and natural attractions with interesting museums, historical sites, great shopping, and dining.

With beautiful parks, wonderful hiking trails, biking trails, campgrounds, and some incredibly scenic drives, there are a plethora of things to do in Tucson and so many things to do in Tucson.

In this guide, we are sampling for your perusal five of the worthwhile things that you can possibly do while in Tucson, and since you state there is primarily going to be about visiting some interesting places, we have these interesting places that you can visit and the things you can do in Tucson.

Five things to do in Tucson

1. Visit the Desert at Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Visitor
Photo: AARP

The iconic Sonoran Desert is located within this area. At the Saguaro National Park, one can better experience the ambiance of the Sonoran Desert.

At the Saguaro National Park, you can see the saguaro cactus, which is the tallest species in North America.

Gila woodpeckers, cactus wrens, desert tortoises, jackrabbits, and Gila monsters (lizards), are some reptiles that can be found here making for an interesting sight when on this desert.

When in Tucson, one of the things to do in Tucson is to visit this interesting Saguaro National Park.

2. Things to do in Tucson: Explore the Trails in Tucson Mountain Park

Hiking and Treasure Hunting in the Tucson Mountain Park
Photo | WatsonsWander

The trails in the Tucson Mountain Park, located with the Sonoran Desert, provide you with a place to do many things including hiking, biking, and horseback riding, although many people come here simply to see the museum, and enjoy the sunsets.

When in Tucson, one of the things you can do is to go and explore the trails available at the Tucson Mountain Park. It will give you that wonderful experience.

3. Things to do in Tucson: Visit the University of Arizona

University of Arizona
Photo | US News

When in Tucson for whatever reason, one of the things you could possibly do, which will make you learn a lot of things, is paying a visit to the University of Arizona.

In addition to learning so many things, you also get to see interesting things in the university.

The Arizona State Museum, Mineral Museum, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona Museum of Art, the Flandrau Science Center, and the Campus Arboretum, are all things that you’d be exposed to while in the premises of one of the best universities in America.

Visitors can spend a couple of hours or a couple of days seeing the sights on this campus.

4. Visit the St. Augustine Cathedral

St. Augustine cathedral
Photo | Expedia

Part of the worthwhile things to do in Tucson is to visit the St. Augustine Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Saint Augustine is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.

The St. Augustine Cathedral was designed in Mexican Baroque architectural style.

Built in 1896, the cast stone facade was completed in 1928 and is similar to the Cathedral of Querétaro in Mexico.

Apart from the structure being a beautiful sight, this is where you can have spiritual fortification

5. Things to do in Tucson: See the Animals at Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo and Park: Things to do in Tucson
Photo | Signals AZ

In Tucson, there is no boring moment, as there are so many things to do in Tucson.

When bored, just make your way to Reid Park Zoo and you will see animals of many species.

The Reid Park Zoo is a relatively small zoo but the facility has an interesting collection of exotic animals.

It is home to animals such as elephants, bears, lions, tigers, giraffes, and many others.

The zoo is laid out in a large loop, with three smaller loops, including Expedition Tanzania, Tropical Trail, and the Lee H. Brown Family Conservation Learning Center.

These are, according to Stepcountry‘s checks, the best things to do in Tucson.

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