5 Things You’ll Definitely Find Awkward When You Get To China

China, together with other nations in Asia has mind-blowing facts that really draw tourists to their shores. In this article, we will be looking at some of these lovely facts about China that captivate people to visit the country. 

Charity machines 

Walking on the streets of China, a number of these machines can be seen and utilized. These machines give 20 grams of cat and dog for every used plastic bottle an individual deposits. 

2. Street meals are common

One of the things the Chinese really love is street food. Individuals are seen eating on the streets, in a public vehicle, and even in a hurry. These food include an assortment of street foods that goes from straightforward lunch boxes with meat, rice, and veggies, to dumplings, soups, and scorpion kebabs. 

3. Exciting food mixes

If you are a lovely of food blends, then China is a place for you. The country is known to produce a good blend of even unmixable ingredients. 

4. ‘Luggage spaces’ for husbands 

These spaces can be seen in almost all shopping centres in China. The purpose of these spaces is to contain husbands who really don’t want to go shopping with their wives. So as their wives go about their shopping business, they will be also doing their own thing in the luggage spaces. 

5. Chinese parks

Chinese parks have awesome views. It is prudent to say that this is, undoubtedly, this is one of the main things that drive tourists to China. Chinese parks are really furnished with modern artefacts and this will really amaze any tourist.

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