5 Things To Do In Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge is a city located on the Mississippi River. It is the capital of the UN state of Louisiana. Baton Rouge is a hub of luxury resorts and activities for an ideal vacation.


Here are things to do while visiting  Baton Rouge

1. Louisiana Art and Science Museum

Louisiana Art and Science Museum

Louisiana Art and Science Museum, formerly a train station. The center is a place to feed curious minds, as it seeks to enhance the understanding and appreciation of art and science.


The museum has an exhibition of ancient Egypt artworks and other artworks to admire and learn from.

Louisiana Art and Science Museum is however the place to learn and find meaning to things beyond Earth.


Admission is $12 for adults and $10 for children.

2. Baton Rouge Zoo

Baton Rouge Zoo

Baton Rouge Zoo allows you to discover animals of all kinds including, giraffes, rhinos, alligators, tigers, zebras, ostriches, and many more.

For animal and nature lovers there’s no better place to think of than the Baton Rouge Zoo.


The zoo provides great conversation and education. That allows visitors to learn the characteristics of the different animals.

However, to keep the zoo more lively, creative game such as Art Gone Wild is organized frequently to keep visitors happy and engaged.

There is so much to do in Batson Rouge zoo, so pass by!

3. Louisiana State Capitol

Louisiana State Capitol

Right in downtown Baton Rouge is the seat of government of the state of Louisiana. The Capitol uniquely built like a skyscraper and outstanding interior design is all you need for an amazing vacation sightseeing.

The area is perfect for picture backdrops.


Visit Louisiana State Capitol to learn more about the building, Louisiana governance and enjoy the beauty of the Capitol.

4. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Baton’s very own Louisiana State University is one of the best academic institutions in the south. The beautiful sight makes it lively for tourists and also best for academic work.

The institute offers every discipline in the academic field with its focus on Science, Art, and History.

Be it academia, fun, or exploring, Louisiana State University is a wonderful place to be!

5. Blue Bayou Waterpark & Dixie Landin

Blue Bayou Waterpark & Dixie Landin

Blue Bayou Waterpark and Dixie Landin are two different parks that offer different feelings. While the former is thrilling the latter is rather calming.


Blue Bayou is one of the biggest water parks in the country with some of the biggest waterslides in the world. Blue Bayou gives you just the adventure you seek for an amazing water park holiday.

Dixie Landin on the other hand is an amusement park for relaxing, calming, and amazing activities.


Make sure you make it to these beautiful places while visiting Baton,









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