5 Places Around The World Where You Can Get The Best Hot Dogs

Lovers of hot dogs should gather here- we are going to tell you the best places in the world where you get these irresistible delicacies that are a favourite of many people. 

Hot dog means a whole, cured, a cooked sausage that is skinless or stuffed in a casing, that may be known as a frankfurter, frank, furter, wiener, red hot, vienna, bologna, garlic bologna, or knockwurst, and that may be served in a bun or roll.

If your itinerary takes you to one of the underlisted destinations, make sure to taste the special hotdogs they have to offer.

1. Shucos, Guatemala

If you get the chance to visit Guatemala, try out their shuco hot dog which comes with guacamol (avocado sauce), boiled cabbage, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard, hot sauce, and one or more of the following: chorizo (Guatemalan red sausage), longaniza (Guatemalan white sausage), salchicha (normal hot dog sausage), ham, bacon, pepperoni, german ham and sausages, chichen breast, beef steak fajitas, polish sausages, et-cetera.

2. The Chicago-style hot dog, Chicago 

The Chicago-style hot dog is a must try because it’s super delicious and this has helped spread its fame far and wide.

The Chicago-style hot dog traditionally features a poppy seed bun filled with a wiener (Vienna Beef’s all-beef dogs are popular, to put it mildly) and then topped with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, a pickle spear, sports peppers and celery salt. The dish has been around for decades and becomes as much a symbol of the city as The Bean or deep-dish pizza.

3. Pancho, Argentina

Argentinian’s have a special way of preparing their hot dogs and it goes a notch higher. Here, they add ketchup and mustard plus mayonnaise, hot sauce, and crispy potato sticks on top. There are also some places that will add salsa, guacamole, or a dozen other creamy toppings to this massive treat.

4. The Seattle Dog, Seattle 

These hotdogs come with cream cheese and it’s common to eat them with sausage and grilled onions. To add a little spice into the mix, it’s best to go for jalapeños as an additional topping with a dash of Sriracha. The Seattle hotdog is the perfect mix between the spicy Mexican hotdog and the cheesy French hot dog.

5. Perros calientes, Colombia

Perro caliente is a Colombian variety of the hot dog, characterized by its large size and unusual toppings. The sausage is steamed or boiled and usually topped with ingredients such as pineapple chunks, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, raspberries, bacon, and crushed potato chips.

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