5 Most Stunning Wedding Looks From Around The World

Weddings remain one of the most unforgettable moments in a person’s life, especially women- who view this once in a lifetime occasion as the most significant aspect of their lives. 

Wedding ceremonies or essentially marriages reflect the basic and important ingredients shared by the bride and groom: love, mutual respect, equality, and sacrifice. Each country has its way of arranging and conducting wedding ceremonies although most African countries copy the western style owing to the colonization.

We have sampled some colourful photos that represent how couples dress on their wedding day in various countries and we know it will interest you greatly.

1. Japan

Japanese wedding is one of the most colorful you could find on planet earth and in spite of the many western influences, Japanese wedding has maintained most of its traditions. There are a few aspects borrowed from western custom, but they have not replaced original Japanese traditions.

2. Kenya

Traditional weddings in this country in Africa are a delight to watch. The most distinctive aspect of the wedding is the dress the brides put on which is adorned with twenty gorgeous necklaces created for them individually. Apart from that, they wear a unique headpiece, a wedding collar, and numerous bracelets.

3. South Africa 

Another beautiful traditional wedding you can find in Africa comes from South Africa, which has rich and beautiful culture embedded in its diversity. The bride gets to wear a special headpiece called ‘inkehli’ along with vibrant bracelets and necklaces.

4. India

This list will definitely not be complete without including India. Although the country is so diverse in its populous and home to many varied ceremonies, some common wedding related functions that you will find in India, spanning the different faiths, are the Engagement, Mehendi function (where the bride and women close to her are adorned with patterns of henna), the Haldi ceremony (where a turmeric paste is put on the bride and groom for beautification and blessings), the Sangeet(music and dance-filled blow-out), the wedding ceremony itself and the reception.

5. Malaysia

Since Malasia is a predominantly Muslim country, most brides wear a hijab. The wedding dress is also accompanied by a crown headpiece – because all women are queens on this beautiful day!


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