5 Most Beautiful Lakes In Zurich Switzerland

Lakes in Zurich Switzerland
Lakes in Zurich Switzerland

A lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, surrounded by land, formed due to the action of glaciers and ice sheets. There are many eye-catching lakes around the world that have served as tourist attractions for many tourists. Every country or city has its most beautiful lakes that people visit so what are the most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland?

This article attempt to answer this question by sampling five of the most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland. These are lakes that you should be visiting experience nature and enjoy the serene atmosphere that surrounds lakes.

When in Zurich and looking to experience nature, these most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland are places you should visit.

Lakes In Zurich Switzerland

Let us get into our top five most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland.

1. Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich: Lakes in Zurich Switzerland
Image – The Crazy Tourist

Lake Zurich is one of the most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland.

Lake Zurich, once only just a transport route, is a popular excursion point these days and people go there for swimming, boating or having a picnic on the lake’s banks.

The lake occupies a basin excavated by the Linth and Rhein glaciers flowing northwestward toward what is now Zürich, where a terminal moraine created the lake by damming.

2. Lakes in Zurich Switzerland: Turlersee

Image | outdooractive.com

Turlersee is a lake in the district of Affoltern, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

It lies on the border of the municipalities of Aeugst and Hausen am Albis at an elevation of 643 m. The lake has an area of 0.49 km².

3. Lake Zug

Lake Zug
Image | Recreation in Zurich

Lake Zug is a lake in Central Switzerland, situated between Lake Lucerne and Lake Zurich. It stretches for 14 km between Arth and Cham-Zug bay.

Lake Zug is Switzerland’s tenth-largest lake.

In the summer months, it reaches pleasant water temperatures of up to 24°C, making it the perfect destination for a sunny swimming holiday.

4. Lakes in Zurich Switzerland: Pfaffikersee

Image | Jucker Farm

This lake is also one of the most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland.

It is a lake in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland, near the town of Pfaffikon.

The lake was created in the last ice age when a moraine blocked off the ability for the lake to empty north towards Winterthur.

 5. Greifensee

Greifensee Lake
Image | Recreation in Zurich

The Greifensee is a pearl in the heavily built-up Glatt valley. This small lake, which has a water expanse of just under 9 square kilometers, and its shore areas of diverse flora and fauna are a favorite excursion destination for people from the conurbation of Zurich city.

The Greifensee, which resembles the shape of a whale, lies east of the metropolis of Zurich and runs – separated by the succession of hills on the ‘Pfannenstiel’ (panhandle) – parallel to Lake Zurich.

These are your top five most beautiful lakes in Zurich Switzerland, sampled by Stepcountry.com. When in Switzerland these are your favorite places to spend your holidays, something you certainly will not regret doing.

Visit these places and when you do, don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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