5 Fun Things To Do In New Mexico


New Mexico, filled with beautiful places and lots of activities to engage in,  tends to be the perfect destination for many as it provides a bit of everything from mountains, beaches, and even deserts. So no matter your vacation plan, Mexico is your ideal place.

New  Mexico is a state in the southwestern United States with Santa Fe as its capital.

Here is a list of must-be places and things to do while visiting  New Mexico.

1. Carlsbad Carven National Park

Carlsbad Carven National Park
Carlsbad Carven National Park

Ow! wonderful sites for nature lovers. Caves at Carlsbad Carven National Park are made of dark tunnels with wonderful twisting and winding passages. You can choose to experience the caves alone or go on bat holes, mud pits, calcite formations, or chambers.


Visitors can also go hiking, biking, or just driving through the land area to have a beautiful glimpse of New Mexico is equally satisfying. If you are there for adventure,  the steep climb through the rocky terrain is there to serve you! To give you just the adventure you desire.

2. International UFO Museum and Research Center

International UFO Museum and Research Center
International UFO Museum and Research Center

Being ground zero for the Roswell UFO of 1947 Roswell tends to be an ideal tourist destination for spaceships, aliens, and humans alike. 

The museum houses photos, and videos and provides information on unexplained occurrences in the sky.

If you love to seek meaning in the mysteries of life, this museum should be your first stop in New Mexico.

3. White Sand Monument

White Sand Monument
White Sand Monument

New Mexico boasts of the beautiful White Sand Monument that provides an atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the serenity of the state. The Monument stretches through 275 miles of land all white beautiful gypsum sand.

Visitors can go on horseback rides, build camps, go hiking, backpacking, or, even walk through the wonderful unique sand for an experience of a lifetime.

4. TinkerTown Museum


Built single-handedly by Ross Ward an artist and a wood caver over 40 years period, TinkerTown museum is a holiday idea unique to just New Mexico. Being an artist, Ross made the museum with glass bottles, gnomes, taxidermy animals, and totem poles that give it a beautiful site to admire.


Due to its nature, it gives an amazing photo backdrop for good memory. Don’t come to New Mexico without a visit to TinkerTown museum as you will not see such in any part of the world.

5. House of Eternal Return

House of Eternal Return
House of Eternal Return

Right at the heart of the state are the House of Eternal Return for escape room games, scavenger hunt, haunted house games, and a contemporary art gallery.

With the idea that a mystery befell a family that once lived in the house, visitors play these games to figure out what happened to the family.

Due to the complexity of the house visitors tend to discover mind blogging results after each room experience which makes the game fun and engaging.

Once you find yourself  at Santa Fe, let House of Eternal Return be your first point of contact for an awesome experience


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