5 Famous Greek Islands to explore

Greek Islands
Greek Islands

There are islands everywhere but have you tried visiting or have you heard about these famous Greek islands and made any plans to visit them one of these days?

Perhaps you do not know anything about these famous Greek islands, but upon hitting on this website, be sure to be treated to the best of islands in Greece that you can explore and have some fun doing so.

Islands are places that provide the perfect atmosphere for a holiday and in Greece, where there are several islands you can be sure to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Read on as we take you through a virtual tour of the best and most visited Greek islands that would make you want to go and see how life there is all about.

Famous Greek Islands

1. Hydra

Hydra : Famous Greek islands
Image | Greece Tour Hub

Hydra is one of the famous Greek islands.

Hydra is located in the Saronic Gulf and it comprises the island of Hydra alongside Dokos and a few islets that are not occupied.

Valued for its pristine character, the island of Hydra offers joyriders a great break from the rushing about of life in Athens.

Vehicles are beyond reach in Hydra, which makes the island the ideal spot to appreciate some rest and serenity.

The attractive eighteenth-century houses along the waterfront are the island’s essential attractions.

2. Famous Greek Islands: Crete

Image credit | Daily Sabah

For at least 130,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic age, humans have been inhabiting this famous island in Greece.

Indeed, Crete was the center of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoans, from 2700 to 1420 BC.

Crete is indeed a very famous Greek island as it is credited with being the largest island in Greece. It is impossible to be the largest Greek island and not be popular.

Crete is a diverse and vibrant land packed with ancient ruins, buzzing cities, and breathtaking beaches.

Many people come here for the sun, sea, and sand yet the best things to do in Crete include much more than the standard package holiday.

3. Santorini Island

Santorini: Famous Greek islands
Image: Culture Trip

Santorini island, located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast of the Greek mainland, is one of the very best places in Greece that attracts thousands and millions of tourists from across the world.

The island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history.

When in Greece and looking for the best places that would be worth your time, kindly head to Santorini island for a good treat.

Santorini is the most famous of all Greek islands and a number one summer destination worldwide. The beauty of this island is incomparable to any other in the world.

4. Famous Greek islands: Rhodes

Image credit – WorldAtlas

Rhodes is the most popular among the twelve Dodecanese islands on the Aegean’s eastern edge.

Rhodes is most notably known for its beach resorts, ancient ruins, and remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades.

The city of Rhodes has an Old Town featuring the medieval Street of the Knights and the castlelike Palace of the Grand Masters.

This island is among some of the most visited sites in Greece.

It would be a good choice for a holiday treat whenever you want to.

5. Famous Greek Islands: Ios Island

image | | Ellada Info

Ios is one of the islands in the Aegean Sea. Los is known for its great beaches and wild nightlife. This party island is a favorite of young people.

The main village of Ios is Chora, which is a very scenic area with its small alleys and white-washed houses.

During the day Hora is a peaceful, quiet place while at night it is the main party zone on Ios.

For those not wishing to experience the nightlife, Chora is wonderfully peaceful in the early evening and is awash with clothing and jewelry stores, souvlaki shops, and excellent restaurants.

You reckon this is one of the best party islands around, especially if you are going out there with your kids to have some fun.

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