5 European Countries That Don’t Attract Many Tourists 

Since Europe is a very beautiful place, one would be tempted to say that all countries in Europe attract an overwhelming number of visitors. 

However, that isn’t the case as there are some countries that have less visitors. Check out the list of countries below; 

1. Serbia 

Averagely, Serbia has about 1,281,000 people visiting annually. The country was previously part of Yugoslavia. It went through some harsh times after the different countries that made up the nation announced freedom. The country became the primary country with a McDonald’s store to be assaulted, however, Serbia is now a protected country. There are mountains and excellent lakes to visit. Its capital is Belgrade and it is somewhat dull and dark, but the Bohemian neighbourhood of Dorćol is a vibrant spot. 

2. Luxembourg 

For Luxembourg, the number of annual visitors is 1,054,000. It can be found between France and Germany and has a population of a little over 500,000.  It contains probably the most very much saved archaic design in all of Europe and the country’s capital is even one of the three authority capitals of the EU but still the number of people who visit the country is still less. 

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina 

The number of annual travellers stands at  770,000. 

Known to be a place that was known to be a warzone (remember the Bosnian War) where over 100,000 people were killed, many people try their best to overlook it. The country is a quiet and intriguing spot where Muslims and Christians live amicably. It’s additionally overly modest and their flame-broiled meats are pretty much as great as anyplace. You can likewise look at a portion of the 1984 Winter Olympic vestiges, which were held in the capital Sarajevo. 

4. Republic of North Macedonia 

This country has a little over half a million annual visitors with the actual number standing at 510,000. This is also a former state of Yugoslavia. It is generally acclaimed for being the birthplace of Alexander the Great and Mother Teresa. 

This small landlocked nation has a ton of lakes and valleys that lovers of nature would appreciate. Its capital is Skopje, and the capital is a decent enough spot to go through a solitary day. 

5. San Marino 

The number of annual visitors is not even up to 100,000. The number is actually about 60,000. The country is like a fictitious place in the popular TV game, Grand Theft Auto. It can be found totally inside Italy, and it is an itty bitty nation. It has interesting towns encircled by mountains and can without much of a stretch be added to an Italian excursion agenda.

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