5 Eerie Places Around The World That Will Probably Give You The Chills

While there are some good and interesting places around the world, there are also some weird, bizarre, and strange places. 

Many people around the globe have little or no idea about these places and we will be learning about some of these places in this article. 

1. The Tianzi Mountains, China 

This is one of the most awkward places around the world. The atmosphere at this location can be likened to driving a car with fog creeping in. The area is made up of titanic limestone columns and it is located in the Hunan Province, China. It was partly a motivation for a portion of the scenes in the popular movie, Avatar. 

2. The Hand in the Desert, Chile 

The hand in the desert is spectacular individual workmanship. It is credited to renowned artist, Mario Irarrázabal. It was made more than two decades ago and its exaggerated size is said to emphasize human vulnerability and helplessness. The work has a base of iron and concrete and stands 11 metres tall. It was funded by Corporación Pro Antofagasta, a local booster organization. 

3. Plain of Jars, Laos 

This place has spots that can be said to like gigantic jars. These jars are spread across the Xieng Khouang area and they are too large for ordinary individuals to utilize. The jars are arranged in clusters ranging in number from one to several hundred and research revealed that they are associated with prehistoric burial practices. 

 4. Cat Island, Japan 

The original name of the place is Tashirojima and it has been labelled a cat island since it is solely populated by adorable kitties. There used to be a ton of silkworm cultivates here, and that implied mice and different rodents were an issue. Due to this, the anglers began moving cats there and even made a hallowed place for them. Since that period, the area has been dominated by cats. 

5. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA 

This monument can be located 200 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. One peculiar thing is that they plainly take after a lot of rock goblins.

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