5 Dangerous Tours You Can Still Do Today

Some tours are hinged on an adventure which often tends to be more dangerous than the opinion we form beforehand.  

If you are an adventurous person, try and embark on some of these tours we are going to discuss here despite how dangerous they are. After all, an adventurous person is one who is willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

1. Hippo and Croc Boat Cruise 

This ‘crazy’ and wild adventure can be experienced in South Africa. The location is the St Lucia Estuary and it offers its guests an extraordinary educational encounter. Here you’d have the option to get vis-à-vis with the absolute most homicidal creatures in the entire world and these creatures include hippos, bull sharks, and crocodiles. There is nothing more daring than this!!!

2. Ride the Lightning 

This can be experienced in South America, Venezuela to be precise. The mass of cracking lightning can make an individual’s heart pop out of his or her mouth. This happens at a location where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo. This wonder is known as the “never-ending storms” and it’s quite possibly the most delightful things you’ll at any point find in your life. In excess of 1,000 lightning jolts strike the town of Maracaibo consistently. On a lighter note, a tropical storm can be seen alongside a cyclone whirling around. 

3. Chornobyl Zone Tours 

After the huge explosion in 1986, this resembled a Fallout game that turned genuine. Located in Ukraine, the place has radiation all over the place, forsaken structures everywhere, trees outgrowing houses, and tows lying spread around. However, these radiations no longer exist and this influenced the decision by Ukrainians to transform this atomic no man’s land into a place of interest! It would be prudent to note that some of the threat remains so a tourist isn’t permitted to smoke, eat, or drink in the outdoors, also tinkering with plants, trees and particularly “strange things”. 

4. Visiting Danakil Desert 

This is described as a place that is closer to ‘HELL’. This is due to its high temperatures which can go as high as 45-50°C (113-122°F) consistently. It is located in Ethiopia and any tourist is advised to visit with gallons of sunscreen and new water. People leaving at this astonishing location do so in destitution and these “survivalist” visits are most likely the lone wellsprings of income for them.

5. Climbing Mount Everest 

Climbing the highest mountain in the Himalayas is some very adventurous, but hey, once people have done it, you can. Getting right to the highest point of Everest would be a blessing from heaven for a great many individuals yet just the hardest will really get through. All you’ll require is your mental fortitude and a lot of assurance.

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