5 Cities In England You Definitely Have To Visit

When it comes to countries in Europe, one can not overlook England as being one of the popular and well-established countries.

The country is home to quite a number of well-planned cities with structures that really stand out.

Historically, England is a top-notch country and it has a wide-range of enticement for guests from around the world. Below is a list of some of the best cities that an individual can visit in England. 

 1. Manchester 

Although it is located far away from the capital, London, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest cities in England. Most people call it the capital of the North of England. The city is home to some of the world splendid scenery with some of the awesome structures being the great Manchester Cathedral which is situated in the Millennium Quarter, which additionally flaunts a guest’s middle and guided visits. One of the things the city is known for is football as two of the biggest football clubs in the world are located there – Manchester United and Manchester City. 

2. Liverpool 

This is also one of the stunning cities that can also be found in the northern part of the country. Aside from Manchester, Liverpool is the next biggest city in the North. This is a flourishing, energetic city that has significantly more to bring to the table than its melodic legacy. This city is also home to two significant soccer teams, Everton FC and Liverpool FC. The city is known for its football culture. The city also has some fascinating structures that will captivate any tourist. 

3. London 

This is the capital of England. One is expected to see some of the awesome structures that England is known for in London. It is the place where the seat of government is located. Well-known structures found in London include Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, Downing Street (where the prime minister lives), and Buckingham Palace. Once there, take time to stroll on the famous London Bridge. 

4. Newcastle 

This is a port city which is located in the north of England. It is on the banks of the Tyne River, and it is most popular for the solid accents of its occupants, known as Geordies. The city was first built as a Roman stronghold some years ago and this makes it one of the cities in England with an awesome history. The famous landmark in the city is Gateshead Millennium Bridge, and once there, you can visit the Victorian Central Arcade to explore the interesting shops and the neighbourhood tourists centres. 

5. Nottingham 

Another name that pops up when it comes to the best cities in England is Nottingham. Due to its beauty and history, it has been nicknamed the Queen of the Midlands. The eleventh-century Nottingham Castle is absolutely worth a visit and in addition, one can explore the popular area that has the Robin Hood sculpture. It is also home to one of the oldest bars in the world, the Jerusalem Inn which has been in existence for over 800 years.

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