5 Charming Islands Near Athens 

In the event that you are adequately fortunate to visit Greece, you should make it a highlight to have a look at the Greek islands.

There are many islands that are near Athens and this alone makes it simple to do some island-hopping. You can regularly discover ships that will take you from Athens to any Greek island where you can see some memorable attractions, unwind on a beach or visit a whitewashed town. 

Here is a list of some of these charming and stunning Greek Islands. 

1. Hydra 

Hydra is located in the Saronic Gulf and it comprises the island of Hydra alongside Dokos and a few islets that are not occupied. Valued for its pristine character, the island of Hydra offers joyriders a great break from the rushing about of life in Athens.

Vehicles are beyond reach in Hydra, which makes the island the ideal spot to appreciate some rest and serenity. The attractive eighteenth-century houses along the waterfront are the island’s essential attractions.

Hydra likewise has a few historical centres, including Lazaros Koundouriotis, a very much safeguarded manor devoted to nearby history and culture. A portion of the Hydra’s conspicuous beaches includes Saint Nicholas Beach for Hydra Town, Bisti Beach and Vlichos Beach. 

 2. Aegina 

Aegina falls part of the Saronic Islands and comprises a fundamental island and a few more modest islets. As one of the closest islands to Athens, hydrofoil ships from Piraeus whisk guests to Aegina in only 40 minutes.

One of the primary archaeological areas on Aegina is the Temple of Aphaia, a construction tracing all the way back to around 500 BC. In the event that you are keen on the region’s set of experiences, you ought to likewise visit the Archeological Museum of Aegina, which has ruins from the Neolithic time frame.

A portion of the island’s beaches includes Marathonas Beach, which is situated in Aegina Town and Moni Island Beach. This island is likewise home to the Aegean Sailing School, where you can obtain or develop your boating abilities while visiting the wonderful island. 

3. Agistri 

Agistri which is also called Angistri is a little island in the Saronic Islands, near Aegina. This island is additionally a short ship ride from Athens and is a well-known weekend destination in the mid year.

This island has lovely waters for swimming and diving. The primary beaches are Dragonera Beach and Aponisos Beach. Interdive is a diving club that orchestrates dives and swims around a wreck close to the island. Agistri has a few inns and resorts, the biggest being Skala. The island has a few little towns that you can walk or pass through. 

4. Poros 

Poros comprises two islands in the Saronic Gulf, Sferia and Kalavria. Isolated from the mountainous Peloponnese by a limited ocean channel, Sferia is chiefly involved by the town of Poros while the much bigger Kalavria has the beaches and occasional inns.

In the same way as other Saronic islands, Poros pulls in many end of the week explorers from Athens. In the northern part of Poros, you can visit the remnants of the Temple of Poseidon. Another vital fascinating location is the archaic cloister, Zoodochos Pigi, where you can see an uncommon assortment of strict symbols and appreciate terrific perspectives. 

5. Andros 

Andros is a hilly island at the furthest north of the Cyclades archipelago. A portion of the island’s best-cherished beaches includes Agios Petros Beach and Achla Beach. You can visit some unmistakable historical centres on Andros, like the Archeological Museum of Andros, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Cyclades Olive Museum, which is really a legitimately reestablished olive factory.

Another captivating milestone is the Holy Monastery of Panagia Panachrantos, a Byzantine religious community on a peak that offers all-encompassing perspectives on the island and ocean. Andros is a decent spot for hiking just like water sports, for example, swimming and scuba diving.

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