5 Breathtaking Places Around The World You Have To Visit

We admit all over the world, there are beautiful places that will leave you spellbound and make you appreciate nature even more.

But these places we are going to talk about will not only leave a lasting impression on you, they will also define your outlook about how amazing this world is. Come with us as we take you through an amazing journey but promise us you’ll explore at least one of these places if you have the means.

1. Kawaii Monster Cafe, Tokyo

This incredibly brightly coloured spot in Tokyo will literally blow your mind. It’s a funky aesthetic of outlandish colors and designs that made Kawaii Monster Cafe in the youth culture hotspot of Harajuku. There are also delicious cakes and sodas. Each dish you order comes with some special decorative (and often edible) element that adds color to the dish.

2. Hobbit Village, New Zealand

Fans of Lord of the Rings are familiar with Hobbit and where he inhabited in the iconic award-winning movie. But you can literally experience the fictionalized Hobbit abode in the real world with this place in New Zealand.

The movie was mainly filmed in New Zealand, whose rich nature offers a variety of different sites. Hobbiton was a set, built for the movie. However, after the filming was finished somebody got the idea to leave this Hobbit village as a tourist attraction. And it definitely was a great idea.

3. Thor’s Well, Oregon (USA)

This mysterious place is located at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, just three miles south of Yachats, Thor’s Well is a bowl-shaped hole carved out of the rough basalt shoreline. About the sinkhole that is the distinctive feature of the well, Gary Hayes, publisher of Coast Explorer Magazine, said it started out as a sea cave dug out by the waves before the roof eventually collapsed, leaving openings at the top and bottom through which the ocean surges and sprays.

4 Lake Hillier, Western Australia

A pink lake will be a common feature of fairy tale move but it does exist in the real world somewhere in Australia. Historically lake was discovered in 1802 and is notable because it is pink all year. No one knows how the lake became pink in nature but a more plausible theory is that the salt-loving algae and pink bacteria present in it, called halobacteria could be a factor. Moreover, the high density of salt in the water makes it a perfect habitat for these species, and therefore we now have a pink lake in the middle of an island off the coast of Australia’s Recherche Archipelago.

5. The Hand in the Desert, Chile

Sculptor Mario Mario Irarrázabal is fondly remembered for giving Chile and the world this breathtaking monument to sort of take away the emptiness of the Atacama Desert. His incredible work, four outstretched fingers, and a thumb, made of concrete over an iron frame was unveiled in March 1992.

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