5 Best Places To Visit In Montana


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Best places to visit in Montana appear to be your headache this season as there are many places that you can visit to enjoy your vacation.

This article solves your problem as we zoom in on the 5 best places to visit in Montana this season.

Best places to visit in Montana

Montana is a western state defined by its diverse terrain ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains.

Its wide-open spaces include Glacier National Park, a vast wilderness preserve that passes into Canada.

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The park’s many snow-capped peaks, lakes, and alpine hiking trails are showcased along its famed Going-to-the-Sun Road, stretching 50 miles.

Let us look at the best places to visit in Montana

5 best places to visit in Montana

1. Glacier National Park

Best places to visit in Montana
Image credit: CNN

One of the very beautiful places to visit in Montana is Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park is an area in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, with glacier-carved peaks and valleys running to the Canadian border.

For those in search of dramatic landscapes and breathtaking scenery, there are few destinations more appealing than Glacier National Park.

Some activities at the Park include backpacking, cycling, and camping, it also has diverse wildlife that ranges from mountain goats to grizzly bears.

Best places to visit in Montana: 2. Flathead Lake

Places to visit in Montana
Image credit: Flatheadlakeresort.com

If you are a lover of water bodies and visiting Montana, this is one of the best places to visit in Montana.

Flathead Lake is a large natural lake in northwest Montana and is the largest natural freshwater lake by surface area that is west of the source of the Missouri River in the contiguous United States.

The lake is a remnant of the ancient, massive glacial dammed lake, Lake Missoula of the era of the last interglacial.

Formed by glaciers, Flathead Lake is a connection to the past for Montana, but it also serves as a hub for sightseeing and recreation in the 21st century.

Just north of the lake, you can try hiking or even horseback riding.

3. Whitefish

Image Credit: BigLife Magazine

Whitefish is located in Flathead Valley.

It was created by glacier activity, and there is an abundance of fresh water in the surrounding area, dotting the landscape with pristine lakes and stunning streams.

Whitefish is a year-round destination with plentiful attractions and a mixed array of shops, coffee houses, restaurants, accommodations.

Visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, boating, and live professional theater, as well as stellar dining.

It is one of the best places to visit in Montana.

4. Helena

Image credit | Carroll College

One of the best places to visit in Montana is the city of Helena.

Most tourists who visit Montana start from this place as it is the capital of the state.

Helena is home to the historic mining district known as Reeder’s Alley, the beautifully hand-carved Great Northern Carousel, and the 19th century Old Fire Tower.

gold camp during the Montana gold rush, and established on October 30, 1864.

When in Montana, visit Helena, it is a great place to be.

5. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

 Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park
Image credit: Tripadvisor

This is perhaps the oldest and most impressive park in Montana.

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park is a 3,000-acre public recreation and nature preservation area located twelve miles east of Whitehall in Jefferson County, Montana.

The state park includes two visitor centers, ten miles of hiking trails, a campground, and its namesake limestone caverns.

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park was established in 1935, and it is under the management of the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

This is one of the best places to visit in Montana that you need to check out when you are in Montana.

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