5 Best Beaches You Have To Explore In Tanzania 

Tanzania is a really great country to visit if you want to explore the other aspects of Africa that you don’t often see in the foreign tabloids and online platforms. 

The country is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the lofty wildlife of the Serengeti, and, obviously, Zanzibar’s excellent beaches. Going around Tanzania is a complete enjoyment as there is an exceptional exhibit of various scenes packed into only one country. 

Tanzania’s beaches are picture-great, and you’ll frequently have them completely to yourself to appreciate. Check out some lovely beaches that can be found in Tanzania. 

1. Kendwa Beach 

Situated on the northwestern coastline of Unguja, Kendwa Beach is one of the liveliest and most touristic parts of Zanzibar. It is the spot to visit if you need some quality nightlife. For example, Kendwa Rocks organizes monthly Full Moon Parties and this involves having fun on the beach until the early hours of the morning. It has quite a number of bars, eateries, and hotels taking into account all spending plans. There are a lot of exercises and road trips for guests to look out for with the swimming and scuba diving being especially phenomenal. The neighbourhood waters abound with marine life and are home to some excellent coral reefs. 

2. Jambiani Beach 

This beach lies along the coast from Paje Beach. Jambiani Beach is a relaxed spot to go to, and it is a place for anyone who is craving to sit back, unwind and appreciate some lovely landscapes. The actual town is little, so there are a couple of lodgings, hotels and eateries to be found in and out of town, in spite of the fact that they do offer some heavenly fish dishes.  While the vast majority making a beeline for Jambiani Beach basically need to lounge in the great view, it merits going for a boat stumble on one of the dhows. The Stingray City which is close is quite possibly the most amazing plunge destinations around. 

3. Prison Island 

Encircled by amazing blue waters, the small Prison Island is exceptionally beautiful. Its nearness to Stone Town on Unguja makes it a mainstream road trip choice. ‘Changuu’, as it is currently called, has had various utilizations from the beginning of time, with the island once utilized as a slave port and isolated station, in addition to other things. The island is now covered with trees, and a monster turtle safe-haven can be found there. The remaining parts of the prison, which never really had any detainees, can be discovered dispersed.  With an exceptional beach on offer, Prison Island is well worth visiting when in Stone Town. The boat trip there and back is similarly engaging as you skim across the waves to the separated island.

4. Mbudya Island Beach 


It lies off the coastline of terrain Tanzania, and the Mbudya Island makes for a phenomenal road trip from Dar Es Salaam and is just a 20-minute boat ride away. For individuals hoping to get away from the city’s bustling roads, Mbudya Island offers an inviting respite as its beach is really lovely, with the magnificent white sands standing out wonderfully from the clear turquoise of the water. The encompassing waters are home to some great coral reefs, and swimming over the bright fish that bounce to and fro is the ideal method to become really hungry. 

5. Nakupenda Beach 

This is the most astounding of Stone Town’s beaches. Nakupenda Beach means signifies ‘I love you’ in Swahili and it is really a shoal that lies a short boat trip away from Zanzibar’s capital. Unwinding on the white sands looking at the Indian Ocean is an awesome encounter. This is a beautiful spot to swim and the turquoise waters are so welcoming, and it truly feels as though you’re on a heaven island. Unwinding in one of the beach bars watching the sun go down is an ideal way to end the day. Subsequent to relaxing on the beach throughout the day, the boat trip back to Stone Town is similarly exceptional.

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