5 Best Beaches in Greece You Have To Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime

One of the awesome things that Greece is known for in the world is its mind-blowing beaches.

These beaches can be found in numerous parts along the Greek coast, including both the mainlands and the numerous lovely Greek islands.

Each one of these beaches offers something exceptional to any tourist who visits these beaches. With these beaches having a lasting effect on anyone, we take delight to present to you some of the best beaches in Greece. 

1. Myrtos Beach 

Kefalonia’s Myrtos Beach is very astonishing as well as very dazzling. The dazzling white of the pebbles sticks forcefully into the dark blue of the ocean. The precarious mountains and tall precipices behind Myrtos beaches just add to its magnificence.

For every one of these reasons, Myrtos has won the award for the best beaches in Greece 12 times. The sun is very bright as most individuals who appreciate Myrtos Beach come for the sun and there is practically zero shade and the solitary water sport accessible is swimming. Notwithstanding, sunbeds and umbrellas can be leased for a little charge. Most guests recommend wearing sandshoes to Myrtos Beach. 

2. Navagio Beach 

Confined and dazzling, Navagio Beach is the feature of a get-away on Zakynthos, the third biggest of the Ionian Islands. The beach is located between the limestone bluffs of the island and is just available by boat. When a guest shows up, they will see the vestiges of a shipwreck, completely clear waters, and tourists taking a shot at BASE jumping from the precipices above. There are no amenities on this beach, however, the boats that convey travellers to and from sometimes offer beverages or even lunch. 

3. Porto Katsiki 

The Lefkadha beach of Porto Katsiki is ranked as probably the best beaches in Europe. The turquoise blue water and the long span of beach underneath a green precipice are amazing. In spite of the fact that many tourists visit this beach, there is a lot of space for everybody. Porto Katsiki can likewise be reached by means of a taxi boat for the individuals who like to keep away from the long trip. 

4. Simos Beach 

The little island of Elafonisos has Simos Beach. This beach is regularly hailed by the local people as the best beach in the country. The mix of turquoise waters, sandhills, and special verdure make an air that is valued by all. Surely, guests will frequently discover a bigger number of local people than sightseers at Simos Beach, which is known for its quiet waters and vivacious gathering air. The whole family can appreciate Simos Beach during the day. Children can swim and sprinkle in clear, shallow water with a sandy floor. In the evening, the beach wakes up with music, moving, and drinks on account of the numerous bars nearby. 

5. Elafonisi Beach 

The beach of Elafonisi is really remarkable. It is situated on the island of Elafonsi in southwest Crete. The intriguing, pink and white sand offer approach to sky blue water that is ideal for swimmers. Lifeguards ensure everybody stays safe, and umbrella rentals keep all travellers cool even in the sweltering Grecian summers. For a break from the beach, guests can undoubtedly visit the Chrysoskalitissa cloister or the Agia Irini beacon.

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