5 Beautiful Spots Hidden In World’s Famous Locations 


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You won’t believe it if we told you there some mysterious spots in this world that are concealed in some of the world’s famous destinations. 

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Many people have no idea about the existence of such places and we will be blowing up your mind with some of these places in this article. 

1. The Abandoned Island in Disneyland 

No one has a clue about the existence of this mysterious island. Although there has been a chunk of people who have been to the Florida-based spot, however, they were not given a gist about it let alone to have a feel of it. 

2. The Ghost Room In The National Library of India 

The Ghost Room found in the National Library of India joins our list as no one has any idea about its existence. It was named the “Ghost room” for quite a long time on the grounds that there was no real way to get inside there. At some point, be that as it may, the walls tumbled down, and that was the only moment people knew about it. 

3. The Crystal Palace station, London 

London is a huge place with several mind-blowing monuments and national assets. Just like all other places, it has some of these mysterious spots and one of them is the Crystal Palace Station. The station was shut during World War II as it was feared it will collapse due to the impact of the attacks. 

4. Radio City Music Hall – S.L. Rothafel’s mysterious apartment

This spot has been in existence since 1936. This mysterious place inside the Radio City Music Hall is truly unique and carefully taking a gander at the gold roofs, wooden furnishings, marble all over the place really says a lot about the place. 

5. Central Station – Padiglioni Reale 

Although this place is visited by a chunk of people every day, all these people are quite oblivious about its existence. It is known as the Royal Waiting room and it is only a couple of entryways down from the primary passageway.

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