5 Beautiful Locations That Are Ideal For The Perfect Photography

In our contemporary world where people are obsessed with photographs that they proudly splash all over social media, getting a good location to get that perfect photo sounds good to the ears.

Coupled with the proliferation of smartphones equipped with better cameras, we have all become expert photographers of a sort. Smartphones, as we all know, give clearer photos sometimes even more than the traditional professional cameras but there are always some drawbacks- better locations.

The filters and other apps we use to portray the vivid imagery we want don’t always come out the way we want it. This is why we have assembled these iconic photography locations scattered all over the world that you can visit and have fun taking photos.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower is the most popular tourist place in Paris built over 127 years. Although now symbolic of France, it wasn’t meant to last. Without a doubt, the turning point in the Eiffel Tower history took place at the 1889 Universal Exposition. The incredible tower which has become a symbol of French industrial power will definitely add colour to any photo you take.

2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

In case you never knew this, the Golden Gate Bridge is recognized as one of the seven modern wonders of the world. The bridge attracts more than 10 million fans a year and is a huge reason visitors flock to the Presidio. It also links visitors to other sites in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to the north. This makes it a very hot spot for you to try out your photography skill to add to your indelible memories.

3. Stonehenge, England

As you can see from the photo above, this beautiful site comprises a confusing jumble of stone uprights, some capped with lintels, together with their fallen compatriots, all set within a low, circular earthwork. You can’t enter the stone circle during normal opening hours (that’s only possible on special tours), so for most visitors, the site is visible only from afar: tantalising, enigmatic and out of reach. But guess what, notwithstanding this restriction, photos will still come out very great with the Stonehenge as the background wherever you stand.

4. Easter Island

These giants stones shaped like human heads and seem to be protruding from the ground is definitely a beautiful place to take photos. There’s an interesting history backing how this place was discovered. It says on Easter Sunday 1722, Dutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen became the first European to land on this isolated Polynesian island and named it Paasch-Eyland – Dutch for ‘Easter Island’ – in tribute. The island is also known by the name Rapa Nui, which the islands’ inhabitants still use.

5. Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

The Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia attracts a lot of tourists to visit every single year. You should be one of the visitors this year when the Covid-19 situation improves because all pictures come out well no matter the angle you take especially if you do it during sunset.

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