10 Famous Bridges In The World

Famous Bridges
Famous Bridges

Famous bridges: These are the bridges that have caught the world’s attention by the way they have been constructed, not forgetting some of them were constructed for so much money.

A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle over water body, valley, road, or rail, without blocking the way underneath.

Bridges are constructed for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle, which is usually something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross.

There are many bridges across the world constructed to serve this purpose; this is because of the many water bodies that exist across the world.

Without bridges, it will be difficult to construct a road from one end of the sea or river across the other.

There are man famous bridges constructed in various parts of the world, with very different designs.

Bridges are constructed based on a particular purpose and are applicable to different situations.

Royal Gorge Bridge
Image credit: 9news.com

Designs of bridges vary depending on factors such as the function of the bridge, the nature of the terrain where the bridge is constructed and anchored, and the material used to make it, and the funds available to build it.

So what are the famous bridges in the world and where are they located?

Famous bridges in the world

Some of these famous bridges, by their designs, serve as tourist attractions to many people who just go there to see the display of architectural brilliance.

Let us take a look at some of the world’s famous bridges that serve as tourist attractions in different parts of the world.

Famous bridges

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Image credit: Britannica

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the famous bridges in the world.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is heritage-listed steel through the arch bridge in Sydney, spanning Sydney Harbour from the central business district (CBD) to the North Shore.

The bridge is regarded as one of the iconic images in Sydney, Australia.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was designed and built by British firm Dorman Long of Middlesbrough. It was opened for use in 1932.

Famous bridges: 2. Tsing Ma Bridge: Hong Kong, China

Famous bridges
Image source: JOC.com

The Tsing Ma Bridge is one of the famous bridges in the world located in China.

The is the largest suspension bridge in the world to feature two decks and carry both road and rail traffic, and the world’s 14th-longest span suspension bridge.

The bridge became the second longest at time of completion.

The famous bridge was constructed at a cost of $7.14 billion and was opened in 1997.

Famous bridges: 3. Akashi-Kaikyo or Pearl Bridge: Kobe-Naruto, Japan

Akashi-Kaikyo  Bridge
Image credit: Pinterest

One of the famous bridges in the world, the Akashi-Kaikyo is a suspension bridge linking the city of Kobe on the Japanese island of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island.

The bridge was completed in 1998 and has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world, at 1,991 metres (6,532 ft).

In what is a true test of how strong the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge is, Kobe Earthquake on January 17, 1995, did little to break it down.

4. Tower Bridge: London, England

Tower Bridge
Image credit: Pinterest

One of the famous bridges in the world is the Tower Bridge in London, England.

As one of the iconic landmarks in the city of London, the Tower Bridge was opened on June 30, 1894, by The Prince of Wales.

The Tower Bridge, spanning the River Thames was designed by the architect, Horace Jones.

5. Royal Gorge Bridge: Canon City, Colorado, United States

 Royal Gorge Bridge
Image credit: KOAA

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the world’s highest suspension bridge at 359 meters above the Arkansas River.

As one of the famous bridges in the world, The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Canon City, Colorado within Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, a 360-acre (150 ha) amusement park located along the edge of the Royal Gorge around both ends of the bridge.

Construction of the Royal Gorge Bridge began on June 5, 1929, and ended on November 1929.

Interestingly, the bridge was constructed only just as a tourist attraction and not for transportation purposes. It cost $350,000 to construct.

6. Millau Viaduct: Tran Valley, France

The Millau viaduct
Image credit: About France

Located in France and opened on 16 December 2004 at a total cost of € 394,000,000, the Millau Viaduct is one of the famous bridges in the world only by virtue of its unique height as it stands at 343 meters, the tallest bridge in the world.

This famous bridge was constructed across the gorge valley of the Tarn near Millau in the Aveyron department in the Occitanie Region, in Southern France.

The design team was led by engineer Michel Virlogeux and English architect Norman Foster.

7. Vasco da Gama Bridge: Lisbon, Portugal

Vasco Da Gama Bridge, Lisbon
Image credit: TripHobo

This famous bridge connects the north bank of Lisbon with the city’s more rural south bank to ensure the latter’s development while decongesting traffic in the Portuguese capital.

The bridge is a cable-stayed bridge flanked by viaducts that span the Tagus River in Parque das Nacoes in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Construction of this bridge started in February 1995.

8. Ponte Vecchio: Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio
Image credit: Florence

The Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River, in Florence, Italy.

It is noted for the shops built along with it; building shops on such bridges was once a common practice.

Butchers, tanners, and farmers initially occupied the shops; the present tenants are jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir sellers.

There is a bit of history to this bridge as during World War II it was the only bridge across the Arno that the Germans who were leaving the area did not destroy.

Instead, they blocked access by demolishing the medieval buildings on each side.

On November 4, 1966, the bridge miraculously withstood the tremendous weight of water and silt when the Arno once again burst its banks.

9. Gateshead Millennium Bridge: Gateshead, England

Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Image credit: WilkinsonEyre

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is one of the very famous bridges in the world and the world’s first and currently only tilting bridge.

But the most amazing thing about this pedestrian and biker crossing of the Tyne River is that it appears as if an eye is winking whenever it is raised and lowered.

At a total cost of £22 million, the construction of the bridge ended on 28 June 2001.

10. Seri Wawasan Bridge: Putrajaya, Malaysia

Seri Wawasan Bridge In Putrajaya
Image credit: 123RF

The Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the main bridges in the planned city Putrajaya, the new (2001) Malaysian federal territory and administrative center.

The bridge, constructed by Perbadanan Putrajaya, is one of the famous bridges in the world.

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